Haldwani Violence: 6 Dead, 4 Arrested, Curfew Imposed, Internet Blocked; Today I.N.D.I.A Delegation to Meet Governor

In Haldwani, the Municipal Corporation demolished a Madrasa unlawfully on Thursday, February 8th. The structure, built for offering prayers, was bulldozed, sparking violence. Both police and corporation staff were attacked, leading to a siege at the Banbhulpura Police Station and stone-pelting.

Casualties and Chaos: Aftermath of the Clash

According to reports from news agency PTI, the violence has resulted in the death of six individuals, with 300 policemen and corporation employees sustaining injuries. Curfew has been imposed, and orders to monitor cyclones have been issued, as the identification of culprits continues.

Administrative Measures Amidst Turmoil

On Friday, February 10th, a high-level delegation of I.N.D.I.A and Civil Society, led by Congress State President Karan Maharana, is set to meet the Governor of Uttarakhand at Raj Bhavan.

Testimonies of Survival: Amidst the Chaos

A female police officer shared, “We retreated safely. Around 15-20 people entered a house to take shelter. They threw stones, bottles, and attempted to set fire. Stones were thrown from all sides, including roofs and balconies. They blocked the roads. Even those who tried to rescue us faced hostility, and their homes were vandalized. We called for help, shared our location, and then the forces arrived to escort us out.”

Addressing the Situation: Official Statements

The District Magistrate stated, “People had stocked stones on their roofs.” Vandana Singh emphasized that schools and colleges remain shut, while the Army and the Rapid Action Force have been deployed. She clarified that the plan to tackle the violence was in place beforehand. Efforts to evacuate illegally occupied government land have been ongoing for a long time.Singh further stated, “Efforts to remove encroachments in various parts of Haldwani are ongoing. Roads are being cleared. Notices were issued to the people. A committee was formed. Some individuals had approached the High Court. The anti-encroachment drive was not targeted at any specific entity. We have been trying to free government land from encroachment for a long time.

Chief Minister Dhami: Encouraging Compliance with Court Orders

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami stated that steps are being taken to remove encroachments as per the court’s orders. Swift and decisive action will be taken against those responsible for violence and disturbances.

Assessment of the Situation: Collaborative Efforts for Peace

On Thursday, Dhami reviewed the situation with the Chief Secretary, Police Commissioner, and other senior officials from the police and intelligence departments. An appeal for maintaining peace was made to the public. Teams have been directed to take prompt action against those inciting violence.

Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay: Addressing Illegal Encroachments

Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay mentioned that the area designated for Madrasa and prayer was completely encroachment. Encroachments from three acres of land have been cleared. Unauthorized constructions were demolished on Thursday as per regulations.

I.N.D.I.A and Civil Society Delegation to Meet Governor

Today (February 10), a high-level delegation representing India and civil society, led by Congress state president Karan Maharana, will meet with the Governor of Uttarakhand at Raj Bhavan regarding the violence in Haldwani. This incident resulted in the death of six individuals and left over 300 injured.

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