Delhi Women’s Commission: 223 Staff Terminated by LG V.K.Saxena’s Directive; Allegations of Speaker Violating Regulations

The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has ordered the immediate removal of 223 employees from the Delhi Women’s Commission. It is alleged that the Chairperson of the Delhi Women’s Commission, Swati Maliwal, made appointments without approval, bypassing the rules.

Discrepancy in Staffing Approval

According to the orders, the Commission can only employ 40 staff members. However, without the LG’s approval, 223 new posts have been created. The Commission does not have the authority to appoint employees on contract.

Resignation and Appointment Controversy

Swati Maliwal resigned from the position of Chairperson of the Commission in January 2024. She had been appointed as the Chairperson in 2015 and had been nominated as a Member of Parliament by the Aam Aadmi Party.

Communication between DWCD and DCW

The Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) has issued an order to the Delhi Women’s Commission (DCW) regarding the communication exchanged through letters. Actions can be understood from the letters…

Appointment Procedures and Disagreements

The Women’s Commission had released letters regarding appointments in 2016. On September 10, 2016, a letter was received from the Women’s Commission to DCW. It was mentioned that on September 9, 2016, the Women’s Commission made 223 additional appointments using the DCW Act 1994. Information about the necessity, eligibility, and experience of the employees was also provided to DWCD.

Clarifications and Budget Allocation

DWCD sent a letter on September 27, 2016. They wrote to the Secretary of the Women’s Commission, explaining the rules and conditions for providing financial assistance for the appointments made by the Women’s Commission itself. It was stated that the Commission cannot take any action without the approval of the finance department and that the budget for appointments made by the Panchayat is more than 2 crores.

LG’s Approval and Reshuffle

In the second letter dated October 5, 2016, DWCD informed the Women’s Commission that permission from the LG was not required for appointments. According to the Delhi Women’s Commission Act 2013, if necessary, the government will provide the required officials and staff to the Women’s Commission. The Women’s Commission does not have the authority to appoint its own employees.

Lack of LG’s Approval and Internal Disputes

In the second letter dated November 28, 2016, the Women’s Commission wrote to the LG stating that there are difficulties in running the DCW. There are deficiencies and irregularities. The Commission created a separate category for appointments without LG’s approval and as a result, did not accept the advice given in many meetings by the Finance Department. The Chairperson did not accept this advice, which is why the Secretary did not make the appointments of 223 employees as per the regular process.

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