US Pro-Palestine Student Protest: 1300 Detained, Police Monitoring by Helicopter; Student Opposition with Masks and Helmets Intact

According to reports from The New York Times, crackdowns on Palestinian supporters are underway in America. On Wednesday, California University, Los Angeles, ordered students to leave campus or prepare for arrest.

Students are seen wearing goggles, masks, and helmets, staying steadfast at their locations. University campuses are surrounded by police vehicles and barricades. Police helicopters patrol the skies. Despite violent clashes occurring between demonstrators and police officers, some students were still apprehended.

Clashes Between Israeli and Palestinian Supporters

According to Al Jazeera, clashes occurred Wednesday night between Israeli and Palestinian supporters’ groups at the University of California campus. Reports suggest Israeli supporters armed with sticks and pepper spray confronted Palestinian supporters present. They attacked Palestinian supporters, while some alleged that the police silently watched everything unfold. Many times, no action was taken.

Efforts Amidst the Ceasefire

After seven meetings with Middle Eastern officials, American Secretary of State Antony Blinken has met Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the third time in three weeks. During their latest meeting on Wednesday (May 1st), Blinken requested Netanyahu to accept a Hamas ceasefire deal.

In the meantime, Blinken had a meeting with President Herzog of Israel, where he stated, “We may have reached the earliest point for a ceasefire. Thus, all Israeli restrictions can be lifted. Hamas continues to obstruct. We have proposed, now it’s time for them to accept.”

What’s in the Proposal?

According to The New York Times, the proposed ceasefire deal to halt the Israel-Hamas conflict initially demands the release of 33 Israeli detainees by Israel. In return, Israel will release Palestinian prisoners held in its jails. Furthermore, Israel will cease its attacks on Gaza.

Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan stated in an interview with Lebanese TV channel on Wednesday night that they would not accept the deal. However, later in a press release from Hamas’s office, it was stated that while the deal is deemed negative, they are still ready to negotiate.

Biden Worried About the Deal

As per Hamas reports, over 34,000 people have died in the conflict so far. Demonstrations have been ongoing at American universities for the past few weeks. Students demand that America, while conducting military operations in Gaza, should not support Israel. According to PBS News, Biden’s Israel policy may affect the upcoming presidential election. They risk losing young voters. In such a situation, Biden demands a ceasefire deal without delay.

Three-Hour Meeting on the War Issue Between Blinken and Netanyahu

During the Middle East meeting, Blinken met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for three hours regarding the war. Afterward, Blinken spoke with the media during the night. He said, “There are many other ways to deal with Hamas besides military operations.” Additionally, before Blinken’s Middle East trip, Netanyahu had warned that Israel would conduct military operations in Gaza. Whether a ceasefire deal will be reached remains uncertain.

Israel’s Operation in Rafah: What’s the Situation?

Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) have claimed that Hamas has four battalions present in the Rafah area of Gaza, and IDF has vowed to eliminate them. The Israeli government and military both assert that thousands of Hamas militants are present alongside civilians in Rafah’s refugee camps, and from here, they launch attacks on IDF.

Approximately 1.4 million people currently reside in Rafah. Many of them are those who have fled from various parts of Gaza to seek shelter here after the commencement of Israeli operations. If the IDF conducts military operations here, there will be nowhere else for them to seek refuge.

Currently, US President Joe Biden and British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron have had phone conversations with Netanyahu. Both leaders conveyed their message to the Israeli Prime Minister not to carry out military operations in Rafah. Upon this, the Israeli Prime Minister has been advised that some people are suggesting to them to refrain from attacking Rafah. He explicitly stated that attacking Rafah at this time would mean that Israel will lose this war and will never win it again.

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