Ultraviolet F77 Space Edition Electric Sports Bike: 152kmph Speed vs. TVS Apache RTR-310

Bangalore-based EV startup company Ultraviolet Automotive has launched the space edition of the electric sport bike F77. The company has kept the ex-showroom price of this bike at Rs 5.6 lakh. The company claims that this bike can run at a speed of 152kmph.

Only 10 units of the limited edition Ultraviolet F77 will be sold. Its booking will start on August 22 from 6 pm on the company’s official website. The bike does not have direct competition with any bike in the electric vehicle segment. However, in the ICE sports bike segment, it competes with KTM RC 390, BMW G310 R and TVS Apache RTR310.

What’s New in the Ultraviolet F77 Space Edition

The company says we respect the nation’s aerospace community. The design of the limited edition bike is inspired by advanced technology and aerospace. It uses components made of aerospace grade aluminum 7075.

Aluminum 7075 is a high strength metal. Its strength-to-weight ratio is lighter and stronger than steel. This material is used in many places in aircraft structures, defense systems, aerospace and military industries.

The company said it has used an aerospace-grade paint that protects the bike’s body from rust. It is paint feed and chemical resistance. Apart from this, the paint protects the body of the bike from overheating.

The Ultraviolet F77 Space Edition will also feature advanced aircraft electronics-based technologies and interfaces. This includes many fail-proof systems for batteries.

Ultraviolet F77 Space Edition Range 307km

The F77 Space Edition has a 10.3 kWh battery pack. This electric bike generates a power of 40.5 HP and a peak torque of 100 Newton meters (Nm). The company claims that the bike accelerates from 0 to 60 kmph in just 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 152 kmph. The bike has a range of 307 km on a full charge.

Ultraviolet F77 Space Edition Specifications and Features

The electric bike has a wheelbase of 1,340mm, seat height of 800mm, curb weight of 207kg and ground clearance of 160mm. For braking, the bike gets a 320mm disc brake at the front and a 230mm disc brake at the rear.

Talking about the tire size, it has 17-inch 110/70 R17 front tire and 23-inch 150/60 R23 rear tire. Other features include a 5-inch TFT display with smartphone connectivity equipped with features like turn-by-turn navigation and notification alerts.

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