Two-Year-Old Child Trapped in Borewell: Oxygen Provided 15 Feet Underground, Excavation Initiated with JCB

In Lalpur Taluka of Jamnagar district, Gujarat, a distressing incident has unfolded in Govana village, where a two-year-old child has fallen into a valley’s borewell while playing. The local Fire Brigade and 108 emergency services teams have promptly responded to the scene to initiate the rescue operation. It has been reported that the child is trapped approximately 15 feet below the ground in the borewell.

The Fire Brigade team is currently providing artificial oxygen to the child and has commenced the excavation process near the borewell to facilitate the rescue operation. Meanwhile, prayers and hopes are pouring in from all quarters for the safe retrieval of the innocent child, Hemkhem, from the perilous situation.

The valley in Govana village, Lalpur Taluka, was previously known for its expansive agricultural activities. However, the tranquility was disrupted when the child of a laborer fell into the borewell while playing. The prompt response from the Fire Brigade team underscores their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the trapped child. Additionally, teams from the 108 emergency services and the police have also reached the scene to extend their support and expertise to the rescue efforts.

The Fire Team Arrives at the Incident Site

The Fire Team Arrives at the Incident Site

Regarding the incident, Chief Fire Officer K.K. Bishnoi of the Jamnagar Fire Brigade, in conversation with ‘Divya Bhaskar’, revealed that a team from Jamnagar’s Fire Brigade branch, including station officers from two stations, has reached Govana village in response to the unfolding incident. The team has commenced operations to rescue the child trapped in the borewell.

Picture of the rescue operation of a girl trapped in a borewell in Dwarka district

Tragic Incident: Three-Year-Old Child Falls into Borewell, Succumbs to Mishap

In the village of Ran in Dwarka district, tragedy struck a family a month ago when their three-year-old daughter fell into a borewell and tragically lost her life. The incident occurred while the child was playing in the orchard a month prior. In the midst of these innocent activities, the child accidentally fell into a 100-foot-deep borewell, resulting in a devastating turn of events.


Upon receiving information about the incident, the Dwarka Municipal Corporation’s Fire Department, along with a team of 108 ambulance services and doctors, swiftly arrived at the scene to conduct a rescue operation. After a grueling nine-hour endeavor, the child was successfully retrieved from the borewell and immediately rushed to the Civil Hospital for medical attention. Unfortunately, despite the efforts, the child couldn’t be saved and succumbed during treatment at the hospital.

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