Woman Escapes Danger: Narrowly Avoids Tragedy as She Slips While Getting off Moving Train in Ahmedabad, CCTV Footage Captures Miraculous Rescue

A young woman’s foot got stuck while descending from a moving train on platform number 6 of Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad. A person standing nearby quickly grabbed her hand, and Railway Protection Force (RPF) female constables and local residents immediately rushed to the platform to assist. The young woman was safely removed from the train, thanks to the prompt response and vigilance of those present. It is crucial to note that the immediate action of the alert crowd and the RPF female constable saved the woman’s life.

Incident Details at Kalupur Railway Station on December 31st

On the morning of December 31st, the Jamnagar-Vadodara Intercity Express was scheduled to arrive at platform number 6 of Ahmedabad’s Kalupur Railway Station at 10:47 AM. Before the train came to a complete stop on the platform, a 25-year-old woman’s foot got stuck in the gap between the platform and the train’s door. A young man, witnessing the incident, immediately ran towards the woman, and the RPF personnel blew the whistle and gestured for the train to stop. The young woman was successfully pulled away from the train and out of harm’s way.

Woman Takes Shortcut, Ends Up in Dangerous Situation

The young woman attempted to take a shortcut by descending from the moving train directly onto the platform without going to the end of the platform. Unfortunately, her foot got stuck in the gap between the platform and the train, leading to a potentially hazardous situation. The railway staff and alert onlookers swiftly acted, and the woman was safely removed from the perilous position.

Challenges of Getting Off Moving Trains at Kalupur Station

The incident involved a 25-year-old woman from Rajkot who had boarded a train from Rajkot to Ahmedabad. Attempting to alight before reaching the end of the platform is a risky maneuver, and such incidents can result in loss of life. Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel are always present, but passengers are cautioned against trying to disembark from moving trains for their own safety.

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