8 Suspended Over Parliament Security Lapses: PM Holds High-Level Meeting, Media Kept Away

Following the incident of a security breach in Parliament on Wednesday, security agencies have issued heightened alerts. In connection with this matter, 8 security personnel have been suspended. Additionally, stringent checking, including frisking, wearing shoes, and checking for items like hats, is being conducted before the commencement of parliamentary proceedings today. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a high-level meeting.

The Parliament Secretariat suspended 8 security personnel on December 13th regarding the incident of trespassing in Parliament. The suspended security officers are named Ram Pal, Arvind, Veer Das, Ganesh, Anil, Pradeep, Vimit, and Narendra.

Today, Prime Minister Modi arrived at Parliament and held a meeting with Union Ministers. The meeting was attended by Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP’s National President JP Nadda, and Union Ministers Prahlad Joshi and Anurag Thakur.

According to police sources, the accused had also recorded a video outside the Parliament building. All the accused were associated with the social media page ‘Bhagat Singh Fan Club.’

Almost two and a half years ago, all the accused were arrested in Mysuru. Sagar, one of the accused, had come to Delhi from Lucknow in July but couldn’t enter the Parliament building. After a series of arrests in various states, they all arrived together in India Gate on the day of the incident, where each one was handed a colored spray.

On the day of the incident, all the accused gathered near India Gate, where each one was given a color spray for distribution. According to the police, the primary investigation indicates that the main conspirator behind the breach of Parliament security is someone else.

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