Rajni Hospital Vandalized: Woman Dies During Delivery, Family Blames Doctor Negligence

A 31-year-old pregnant woman, who had arrived at Rajni Hospital in Ahmedabad’s CTM Overbridge area, had to undergo an immediate delivery at the hospital after her baby died in the womb. Subsequently, the woman was admitted to the hospital for care. However, during the course of her stay, the woman experienced increasing internal bleeding, deteriorating her condition. As a result, she was transferred to SVP Hospital via 108 ambulance services for further treatment. Unfortunately, the doctors declared her dead on arrival at the hospital. Following the woman’s death, her family members accused the hospital of negligence. They created a ruckus at the hospital. Efforts were made by the hospital staff, including female employees present at the reception, to pacify the situation, but the deceased’s relatives were not satisfied. The matter is currently under investigation by the police based on the complaint filed by the doctors.

According to available information, on February 3rd, a 31-year-old pregnant woman named Suhana Ben had visited CTM Overbridge Hospital for her routine check-up. During her examination, the doctors discovered that the baby she was carrying had died in her womb. Consequently, the doctors informed her family members and conveyed the need for an immediate delivery. The family members were informed about the necessity of an emergency delivery through a cesarean section. However, the doctors performed a normal delivery on the night of February 3rd and subsequently separated the deceased baby from Suhana Ben’s body.

When the internal bleeding increased, the woman succumbed to death.

Following this, as the condition worsened, the deceased, Suhana Ben, was admitted to the hospital. In the midst of the night, on February 4th, Sunday morning, her condition deteriorated further due to escalating internal bleeding. Consequently, her husband, along with other family members, requested the doctors to transfer Suhana Ben to another hospital for better care. The doctors reassured them that the situation was normal but emphasized the need for a blood transfusion. Therefore, the family members brought a bottle of blood to the hospital. Even after the blood transfusion, there was no improvement in Suhana Ben’s condition, leading her family members to decide to shift her to SVP Hospital via 108 ambulance services. Upon arrival, the doctors pronounced her dead.

The deceased’s family members created chaos at the hospital.

Suhana Ben’s death was attributed to negligence by Rajni Hospital. Expressing their anger, her family members resorted to violence, wielding sticks and hockey sticks to vandalize the hospital. The entire incident was captured on the hospital’s CCTV cameras. Suhana Ben lived with her husband and two daughters, aged approximately 8 and 5 years, respectively. The third deceased child was a son. It is reported that the deaths of both children have left the family members without any support.

Doctors have registered a complaint against 15-20 individuals.

The hospital administration has alleged that yesterday, on the evening of February 6th, Modi’s relatives vandalized Rajni Hospital. Furthermore, efforts were made by a female staff member along with the hospital administration to calm the situation. Dr. Parth Shah filed a complaint at Ramol Police Station, stating that Suhana Ben’s husband, brother, and 15-20 other individuals had filed complaints against him.

The hospital administration has accused that Suhana Ben’s brother, on February 4th, when Suhana Ben was being taken to SVP Hospital via 108 ambulance services, had threatened that if Suhana Ben doesn’t recover, they will create trouble for the hospital. Yesterday evening, at the time mentioned, her brother arrived at the hospital with 15-20 other individuals. There, they attempted to incite violence by picking up inflammable substances. Additionally, they made efforts to confront the hospital staff and doctors with hockey sticks. This complaint has been filed with the Ramol Police Station through the hospital administration.

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