New Twist in SBR Courtyard Car Theft Case: Complainant Husband Accused of Stealing Wife’s Car, False Marriage Claim, Faces Fraud Charges

In a peculiar turn of events, a person employed at Gurgaon Microsoft filed a complaint with the police alleging his wife’s involvement in a car theft. 

Police sources reveal that this incident stems from a family dispute, with the husband claiming that his wife’s maternal aunt, who previously served as the Director General of Police (DGP) in Gujarat state, influenced the authorities, resulting in the police not registering the complaint.

Some people came in a car

CCTV Footage Reveals Startling Details in Car Theft Case

In a significant revelation, it has been noted that the complainant’s father is also a retired IAS officer, a fact allegedly concealed by the accuser’s in-laws. The complainant got married in 2016 and has a daughter, who resides in Gandhinagar with her mother. 

In 2022, his wife filed a petition for separation in the Kalol court, which he did not contest. Now, it has come to light that the individual not only implicated his wife in false accusations but also remarried her in secrecy, despite her refusal to accept the notice. 

It has emerged that he, along with accomplices, stole his wife’s car from her residence. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV, showing several individuals arriving in a car and leaving with the stolen vehicle.

From which two men got down and walked towards the parked Creta.

Accused Former Policeman Now Under Police Custody

The husband had previously submitted a petition via email to the offices of the Director General of Police (DGP) and Commissioner of Police (CP) regarding the registration of a complaint against Bodakdev Police. 

However, his complaint had not been acknowledged by the police. Now, according to available information, the accused husband has been identified as involved in false allegations and violating the Arms Act while stationed at the police station for 22 days. Previously, he was released on bail in a fraud case worth 69 lakh rupees online in Bangalore.

The car they came in was parked next to the Creta.

Husband Accused of Domestic Violence Alongside False Complaints

In addition to filing a police complaint falsely implicating his wife in a car theft case using the address of Gurgaon Microsoft, the husband has also been accused of domestic violence. He has been attempting to coerce officers at various levels. 

Furthermore, he deceitfully added his name to the UPSC exam results to mislead his in-laws. Allegations suggest that he falsely claimed to work at Microsoft, deceiving his in-laws yet again. His continuous false accusations against his wife have been noted. He has also falsely claimed to have graduated from IIT Mumbai. 

Previously, he misrepresented his employment history in Singapore. It has been revealed that he subjected his wife to physical violence as well. Consequently, complaints have been lodged against him by his in-laws for his fraudulent actions.

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