Shocking Incident: 1-Year-Old’s Hand Severed in Lift Mishap at SMC Site, Doctors Struggle to Save Life

In a residence constructed by Palka in the Vesu area of Surat, the son of a laborer, working on the construction, got his hand trapped in a loading lift machine while it was pulling up a towel. Consequently, the child’s hand got stuck in the machine, leading to injuries. The child was immediately taken to the Civil Hospital by family members, where medical professionals were surprised by the severity of the child’s condition.

Family Originally from Bihar

According to available information, Mukesh Rawat’s family, originally from Bihar, resides in the Vesu area, where he works in the construction of the Prime Minister’s residence. Mukesh Rawat has been employed in the construction of newly-built buildings and manages his family’s livelihood. The family has two children, one of whom is a one-year-old. Recently, while Mukesh was working, his wife took their child to the loading lift machine, resulting in an unfortunate incident where the child’s hand got caught in the machine.

Hand Caught in the Machinery – Immediate Response from Civil Hospital

Following the incident, chaos ensued with the cries of the child, leading to the immediate transportation of the child to the Civil Hospital for necessary medical intervention. The child’s injured hand, due to the accident with the lift machine, shocked the doctors at the hospital.

Surat Residence for the Last Five Years

The family has been residing in Surat for the last five years, primarily working on construction projects. The incident occurred on the premises of a housing project under the Prime Minister’s housing plan, and the family, originally from Bihar, has been residing in Surat for the past five years.

Worker’s Injured Hand – Brought to Civil Hospital

The injured hand of the child was immediately attended to at the Civil Hospital. The hand, which got caught in the machinery, was also examined by doctors upon arrival at the hospital. The child’s situation is critical, with injuries not only to the hand but also to the head and ears, requiring urgent medical attention. Currently, the child is undergoing primary treatment at the Trauma Center in Trombay.

15-Year-Old’s Tragic Death in Surat Just Four Days Ago

This incident marks the third such occurrence within a month in Surat. Just four days ago, a 15-year-old lost his life in a Rupal Industries factory located in the Vesu area of Surat. The young boy’s breath was cut off due to a mishap involving a lift and a slab. The boy was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries before any medical assistance could be provided.

Three-Year-Old’s Death in Ahmedabad Due to a Lift Incident

In Ahmedabad, a similar incident occurred a month ago, resulting in the death of a three-year-old child. In the Shahibaug area, near Dafnala Pass, a six-year-old boy got stuck in a lift while playing. The lift’s door got jammed, and as the lift started moving, the child was trapped between the ground floor and the first floor. The child’s head got stuck, leading to his tragic demise at the scene.

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