Youngster in Surat Experiences Heart Attack After Drinking Milk: Alarming Rise in Heart-Related Incidents Among the Youth

In Surat, another incident of a heart attack has come to light. A 40-year-old man experienced palpitations after returning home from the office. Following this, he was given milk to drink. However, immediately after consuming the milk, the young man suddenly collapsed. With the immediate assistance of 108 emergency services, he was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors, upon examination, declared him dead. The family members expressed their grief in shock over the sudden death of the young man.

Working as an Insurance Surveyor

Heart attack-related deaths in the state continue to increase, with cases like these occurring regularly. One such case recently happened in Surat. Chetanya Dilipbhai Patel, residing in Anand Vilaam on Ughat Road, had a family consisting of two daughters, a wife, and parents. They worked as insurance surveyors.

No Pre-existing Illness

Harshad Patel, the uncle of the deceased, informed that Chetanya, after returning home from the office, felt a sense of unease in his body. Later, as he drank milk, he suddenly collapsed. With the help of 108 emergency services, he was taken to Civil Hospital, where he was declared dead. The doctor mentioned that he died due to a heart attack, and he had no pre-existing illness, including COVID-19.

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