Unveiling Khachar’s Games: Crime Branch Campus Probes Female Doctor’s Suicide, PI Goes Underground

Senior Police Inspector B.K. Khachar has been on leave for two days due to his wife’s critical condition, with whereabouts undisclosed. This significant incident has stirred concerns within the Ahmedabad Crime Branch campus, where senior officials have refrained from any official statements, signaling a potential internal sensitivity. Each case is now being meticulously handled, ensuring utmost discretion. Khachar’s involvement and his activities are now under scrutiny, and only his staff members are privy to the details. 

Some of them were aware of Khachar’s personal affairs, prompting a cautious approach from the authorities. Consequently, procedures to gather their testimonies will commence shortly, alongside efforts to extend condolences to the family of the deceased woman.

File photo of female doctor Vaishali Joshi.

Investigation to Release Deceased Vaishali Joshi’s Mobile Surveillance Data

The Crime Branch has initiated an inquiry into the unfortunate incident involving a female doctor on Wednesday at the Crime Branch campus. PI Khachar had taken a two-day leave, citing his wife’s sudden illness, after which they both went missing. Now, the police are set to release the mobile surveillance data of the deceased Vaishali Joshi, along with a suicide note and a diary containing 15 pages. 

Experts will examine the contents to determine the author. Moreover, PI Khachar had ceased communication with female doctors for over a week, and his staff will be questioned accordingly. Additionally, the staff will be briefed about Vaishali’s presence on the day of her suicide, and her contacts in the vicinity where she resided and worked at the hospital will be informed.

Insights into Romantic Relationships Uncovered through Sources

Amidst ongoing investigations, the police have commenced scrutinizing the CCTV footage of the Economic Offences Wing’s office. On the day Vaishali committed suicide, the police were engaged in the conclusion ceremony of the Police Sports Meet 2024, where Khachar was present. It was during this event that he went missing. 

Furthermore, sources reveal that besides Vaishali, PI Khachar had also been involved romantically with another young woman, as per the sources.

The dead body of Dr. Vaishali was found from Banka.

Unraveling Mysteries Through Phone Investigation

Following the tragic incident involving female doctor Vaishali Joshi at the Crime Branch campus on Wednesday, where a suicide note and a 15-page diary were discovered, mentioning PI B.K. Khachar’s involvement in her suicide, Gaikwad Police have initiated an unexpected death investigation. The police will now scrutinize the female doctor’s phone records. Additionally, experts will examine the contents of the suicide note and diary to determine the author. 

The female doctor had attempted to meet with PI Khachar, who was absent from the scene, as he was attending the Sports Meet. Consequently, Khachar is now considered a fugitive. The police are intensifying their efforts to locate him. Currently, there are concerns about PI’s whereabouts. The phone investigation is anticipated to unveil many secrets surrounding the incident.

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