Review: Heavy Impact of Madhavan’s Acting in Shaitaan, New Concept Film

Ajay Devgan and R Madhavan, experienced actors, starrer film ‘Shaitaan’ had high expectations upon its trailer release that the film would be power-packed. The trailer of this drama set in a world of black magic, manipulation, and superstition received much praise on social media, but let’s find out if the film lives up to the audience’s expectations or not.

Plot of the Film

‘Shaitaan’ depicts Kabir (Ajay Devgan) leading a happy life with his wife Jyoti (Jyotika), daughter Janvi (Janaki Bodivala), and son Dhruv (Angad Raj). Suddenly, earthquakes disrupt their lives. One day, while they plan a vacation, they meet Vanraj (R Madhavan) at a dhaba on the way. Vanraj appears simple and trustworthy, gaining Kabir’s family’s confidence.

Troubles begin for Kabir and his family from here. Vanraj starts exerting control over Janvi, especially by feeding her a special kind of sweets. Moreover, he forcefully enters Kabir’s farmhouse. Now, Vanraj aims to perform sinister acts with Janvi’s help, and whether Kabir can save his daughter from Vanraj’s manipulative charm forms the climax of the story.

Acting by the Star Cast

R Madhavan’s portrayal in this film is the most surprising element; he brings a unique experience to his character. Ajay Devgan’s fans might be slightly disappointed as he didn’t get as strong a role as Madhavan, but he still manages to do justice to his character.

Janaki Bodivala, who appears much later in the film, also delivers a commendable performance, particularly in her role as Ajay’s daughter. Her performance is likely to leave a lasting impact on the audience.


Directed by Vikas Bahl, this film is a remake of the 2023 Gujarati psychological thriller ‘Vash,’ which received high praise. Vikas Bahl’s direction is good, but flaws in the screenplay hinder the film from meeting the audience’s expectations.

However, the director successfully utilizes the talents of the cast. Background music by Dhrujari, and Sudhakar Reddy’s cinematography add thrill to the film.

Final Verdict

The film starts off quite thrilling, with Madhavan’s acting surprising the audience. However, the second half is weak, especially the climax, which seems dull, and some scenes are very impactful. With elements of black magic and manipulation, this film might satisfy horror film enthusiasts.

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