After 27 Years, Miss World Final to Be Held in Mumbai: Sini Shetty’s Mother Says ‘Not Desiring My Daughter to Become a Model

The Miss World 2023 final will be held tomorrow, that is, on March 9, at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. This event is being hosted in India after a gap of 27 years. Previously, in 1996, the Miss World final was held in Bengaluru. This time, Miss India 2022, Sini Shetty, will represent India. She is a 22-year-old accounts and finance graduate from Mumbai.

Once Upon a Time…

There was a time when Sini’s mother, Hema Shetty, didn’t want her to be distracted from her studies and enter the world of modeling. She wanted her daughter to pursue a secure job.

Efforts to Reach Here: Hema Shetty

Hema Shetty said, “This is a very emotional moment for us. My daughter has worked tirelessly to reach this position. Since childhood, Sini had a keen interest in extracurricular activities. She is very active on social media and excels in dance, sports, and drama. She is also very diligent in her studies, having scored above 90% in most of her exams.”

Hema further added, “Sini had a great passion for dancing since childhood. So, I enrolled her in Bharatanatyam classes at the age of 4. She performs exceptionally well in classical as well as Bollywood songs. This is a moment of immense joy for me and Sini’s father. I am proud of my daughter, who will represent India on such a big platform.”

“I wanted my daughter to have a secure job,” says Hema Shetty.

“I remember when she was in the 12th grade, her tuition teachers and friends used to come to me and say that Sini is different from other girls her age. When she used to go to school, teachers also used to say that she has a different spark in her eyes. One must make efforts for beauty contests. At that time, I wanted her to focus only on her studies. Glamour didn’t appeal to me. I wanted my daughter to complete her studies and have a white-collar job.”

“Before winning Miss India, my approval was sought,” says Hema Shetty.

“During her college days, she started receiving modeling offers from agencies. At that time, I advised her to focus on her studies. Later, when she received the offer from Miss India, she again sought my approval. I saw a different glow in my daughter’s eyes. She was very excited. I put aside my thoughts and supported my daughter’s dreams wholeheartedly.”

“I didn’t want my daughter to have any regrets in the future,” says Hema Shetty.

“I told her, ‘Whatever you want to do, do it well.’ Upon hearing this, she burst into tears. Sini is a very determined girl. She respects her parents a lot. We have given her full support. Whatever she does now, she will have our complete support.”

Hema: The Strong yet Emotional

Hema Shetty says, “People see me as a very strong personality, but in reality, I am quite emotional. My eyes can quickly fill with tears. I cannot bear to see anyone in pain. I have immense love for animals. I am very attached to my family, especially my grandmother. Even today, I cannot sleep without talking to her. Truly, I am very sentimental. Due to my spiritual nature, I make every decision calmly.”

Bollywood Dreams of Sini

Sini Shetty has a desire to work in Bollywood. Sini’s mother Hema says that she enjoys watching Hindi films. She mentioned that Sini loves watching movies of Vicky Kaushal and Shah Rukh Khan. Vicky’s film “Uri: The Surgical Strike” is one of her favorites. If she gets a chance, she will definitely try her luck in Bollywood films.

Sini Considers Priyanka Chopra as Inspiration

Sini’s mother, Hema, says that Sini admires Priyanka Chopra a lot. She is greatly inspired by her journey. Hema recalls a time when Sini used to watch Priyanka Chopra’s videos all day long. Sini is deeply influenced by Priyanka’s dedication to her work. She also aspires to follow her footsteps.

Pursuing CFA After Completing Accounting and Finance Degree

Initially, Sini Shetty received her education from St. Dominic Savio School in Mumbai. Later, she graduated from S.K. Somaiya College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, Vidya Vihar. She pursued a degree in Accounting and Finance. Currently, she is pursuing CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Sini’s Father is a Hotel Owner

Sini Shetty was born in 2000 in the Ghatkopar area of Mumbai. Her family hails from Karnataka. Sini’s father, Sadanand Shetty, is the owner of the Shikin Hotel in Navi Mumbai. Sini’s brother’s name is Shikin Shetty, who is an engineer in California.

Miss World Finale to be Held in India After 27 Years

On February 13, 2023, Miss World Organization’s Chairperson Julia Morley announced that Miss World 2023 would be held in the UAE. However, on June 8, 2023, it was announced that the finale would be held in India instead of the UAE. This is the second time in the history of Miss World that India is hosting it. Previously, the Miss World 1996 pageant was held in Bengaluru. Renowned filmmaker Karan Johar and Miss World 2013 Megan Young (Philippines) will be hosting the finale.

Change in Miss World 2023 Finale Date

Initially, the Miss World finale was scheduled to be held on December 16, 2023, in New Delhi. However, due to the state assembly elections, it was rescheduled to March 2, 2024. Now, the finale will be held tomorrow evening, starting from 7:30 PM at the Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai.

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