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Food Poisoning Incident at Wedding: Paneer Dish and Carrot Halwa Cause Illness

During a wedding reception organized at Sector-24 Rangmanch in Gandhi Nagar, 98 people fell ill due to food poisoning while 20 people had to be rushed for treatment. Upon learning of the incident, the health department team quickly took action. The primary investigation into the incident of food poisoning occurring after consuming paneer sabzi and carrot halwa during the wedding reception has begun. Food samples have been collected by the food department for testing.

Health Affected After Eating Paneer Sabzi and Carrot Halwa

An incident of food poisoning has occurred after consuming food during a wedding reception in Gandhi Nagar. A wedding reception was held at Sector-24 Rangmanch for families residing in Sector-24 Cooperative Apartments in Gandhi Nagar. Yesterday evening, a large number of guests arrived for the wedding reception, where various dishes including paneer sabzi, carrot halwa, and sweets were served. Additionally, between 90 to 100 people started experiencing the effects of food poisoning. Some affected guests began to feel dizzy and nauseous, leading them to seek treatment at Sector-24 Health Center and Gandhi Nagar Civil Hospital. Upon learning of the incident, the health department immediately sprang into action.

Treatment Provided to 20 People

Four health teams began surveillance starting early morning and provided treatment to affected individuals. Subsequently, five patients were admitted to Gandhi Nagar Civil Hospital, while another 15 were admitted to Sector-24 Health Center for treatment, while others experienced general symptoms of food poisoning. Health department sources stated that after consuming food during the wedding reception at Sector-24 Rangmanch, around 100 people experienced the onset of food poisoning.

Response from Health Officials

According to Hema Joshi, a health officer from the Gandhi Nagar Municipal Corporation, a medical team reached the site of the incident for necessary sampling and testing. Samples have been collected for testing to determine the cause. Approximately 250 to 300 people attended the wedding reception in Gandhi Nagar’s Sector-24, of which 98 experienced the effects of food poisoning. Five individuals were admitted to Gandhi Nagar Civil Hospital, while 15 were admitted to the Urban Health Center, Sector-24, for treatment. All affected individuals are currently recovering.

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