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Experience Royal Dining at Food Festival: Indulge in Silver Platter’s Regal Delicacies

For the first time, a food festival is being organized by the Municipal Corporation at the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. Different types of food pavilions have been set up in the food festival. A royal food pavilion has been set up to offer the taste of royal cuisine, which attracts people and offers them the taste of royal meals served in the palaces of Rajwadas.

Food Served in Silver Thalis

The biggest royal food pavilion has been set up in the food festival, where photographs of kings and queens from states like Gwalior, Limbdi, Chhota Udaipur, Balasinor, etc., are displayed to create an ambience. Unlike regular thalis, silver thalis will be used to serve food. Food will be prepared by royal families, and people can enjoy dishes like sherbet, soup, main course, and desserts with 10 to 15 food items for both lunch and dinner.

“I’ve Been Cooking for the Royal Family for 25 Years”

Nawab Sultan Salahuddin Khan Babi of Balasinor revealed that for the past 25 years, they have been preparing royal meals for their Begum, Zebunissa Sultan Khan. In the food festival organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation at the Sabarmati Riverfront, the royal family’s royal cuisine can be enjoyed in the Royal Pavilion. The royal family of Balasinor is well-known for its hospitality. The royal cuisine includes famous vegetarian dishes like Hariyali Ki Nazaqat, Nawabi Kofta, Motiyai Kheer, and Dal Sultan, among others.

“I Have a Great Passion for Cooking”

Kunvarani Padmini Singh of Chhota Udaipur mentioned that although she originally hails from Uttar Pradesh, she got married into the Chhota Udaipur royal family. She has a great passion for cooking. The dishes of the Chhota Udaipur royal family will be available for people to enjoy, including Makke Ki Roti, Gavar Nu Shaak, Adad Ni Dal, Sooji Ka Sheera, and Khajur Gur, among others. Famous foods from tribal areas will also be available here. Apart from Chhota Udaipur, royal cuisine from Gondal, Kolhapur, and nearby areas will also be served.

Spiritual Pavilion Offering Spiritual Food

During the food festival, spiritual food, which includes the offerings made to Lord Jagannath at Jagannath Puri Temple and Radha Raman Temple, will be served for people to enjoy. People can sit on mats on the ground and have their meals. In the spiritual pavilion, people will sit on mats spread on the ground and enjoy their meals served on plates made of leaves and in earthen pots. Special arrangements for light will be made for dinner, with lights placed on the ground. The food offered to Lord Jagannath includes five types of vegetables, four types of rice, and two types of sweets, while at the Radha Raman Temple in Vrindavan, more than 15 types of dishes and offerings will be available. Maharajas from Jagannath Puri mentioned that the taste of the offerings made to the Lord can be enjoyed here, including special sweet dishes.

Start of Riverfront Food Festival Today

It is noteworthy that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has organized a food festival at the Sabarmati Riverfront for three days starting today. The Food Festival was inaugurated by State Minister Jagdish Panchal. A coffee pavilion has been set up in the food festival, where people can enjoy various types of coffee. Minister Jagdish Panchal and BJP leaders enjoyed hot and cold coffee with commissioners. Minister Jagdish Panchal also enjoyed various types of coffee and shared his enthusiasm for coffee with the leaders, including Western MP Kiritsinh Solanki.

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