Youth from Bhavnagar Embraces Dhoni: Spectator Jumps Barricades at LIVE Modi Stadium Match, Taunted by Security Guards, Arrested

Once again, questions regarding security have surfaced at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. On May 10th, during an IPL match, a spectator breached the stadium’s boundary and reached the pitch area, coming face to face with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. 

Such incidents raise serious questions about accountability and security measures. Previously, when an Australian citizen entered the stadium, it was noted and investigated, but what actions were taken then remain unclear. 

Whether negligence or an ongoing issue, the police are currently investigating the breach and have apprehended the individual from Bhavnagar who managed to breach the boundary and reach the pitch area.

Who is responsible if an accident occurs?

More Security Lapses at Modi Stadium

Another security lapse has occurred at the Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. In this matter, Bharatsinh, from the Crime Branch’s Economic Offences Wing, has filed a complaint at the Chandkheda Police Station. 

On Friday, during the Gujarat Titans vs. Chennai Super Kings match of the IPL 20-20 Cricket Tournament 2024, Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Motera, Ahmedabad, hosted a large crowd. At Ground Area-6, between points R-5-3939 and the iron grill fencing numbered 21 to 23, ASI Divyaben Ranabhai (stationed at the police station) was on duty from 3:40 pm onwards. 

Range Superintendent DCP Banno Joshi headed the headquarters and Air-7’s Superintendent DCP N.V. Patel led the Special Branch and Range-5’s Area-6 fencing points 1 to 25’s supervision. Second PI P.V.Va Ghela (Shahpur Police Station) was overseeing points numbered 1 to 13, and PSI D.M. Solanki (Naranpura Police Station) was overseeing points numbered 13 to 25.

The young man jumped the net and reached Dhoni.

Spectator Jumps the Boundary and Reaches the Pitch

Amidst the cricket match excitement, spectators had gathered at the stadium to watch the cricket match. As per the instructions from our superior officer, we were diligently performing our duties. The match commenced at 7:30 PM, and during the second innings, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was on strike for Chennai Super Kings. 

Around 11:25 PM, during the 19.3 overs, a person wearing a yellow T-shirt and black pants jumped over the lower boundary block from the North Block side screen towards the side screen inside the ground, crossing the boundary wall, and managed to reach the pitch.

Many questions against the security of the stadium.

Fan Expresses Desire to Meet Dhoni

Upon questioning, the person was identified as Jaykumar Bharatbhai Jani (age 21) from Vasanta Vihar Society, Top-3 Circle, Bhavnagar. He expressed his desire to meet Dhoni, hence he rushed onto the ground. 

He further disclosed that he came to watch the match in Ahmedabad with his brother Parth Jani from Bhavnagar, and the match tickets were booked online through his brother’s mobile. Being a fan of Dhoni, he eagerly attended the cricket match and ended up jumping over the boundary in excitement during the ongoing match.

Police nabbed the youth.

Inquiry into Previous Incident: Questions Arise

The current case is now under investigation at the Chandkheda Police Station under IPC 447, with the recording of the offense and the arrest of the accused. It is noteworthy that previously, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the stadium, an incident occurred involving an Australian citizen breaching the stadium premises

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed at that time, and details of the incident were recorded in the police file. Now, with the recurrence of a similar incident, questions arise regarding what actions will be taken and why such incidents continue to occur.

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