Government Orders Blocking of 28,200 Phones: Cybercrime Prevention Measures Implemented, 20 Lakh SIM Cards to Undergo Re-Verification

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued an order to mobile operators to block 28,200 mobile handsets. All these mobile devices were being used for cyber crimes and fraud. Additionally, DoT has mandated re-verification of 20 lakh numbers associated with these handsets. If the numbers fail to pass re-verification, they will be deactivated.

On Friday, the Telecom Department released a statement, stating its collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and state police to combat misuse of telecom resources in cyber crimes and financial frauds. This action underscores the concerted effort to curb such activities and safeguard telecommunications resources.

DoT Warns Against Threatening Calls for Blocking Phone Numbers

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued a warning regarding threatening calls made to users, threatening to block their mobile numbers. Just a month ago, DoT had advised users against such calls, emphasizing that DoT does not authorize anyone to make such calls to individuals.

Subsequently, the Telecom Department has advised that many individuals are still receiving such calls. These calls contain threats, implying that their numbers are being used for unauthorized activities. As a consequence, their mobile numbers will be blocked.

This advisory was issued by the government to prevent cyber fraud. The government need not fear those making threats.

Advisory Against WhatsApp Calls and Solicitation of Personal Information

In addition to calls threatening to block mobile numbers, there has been an advisory regarding WhatsApp calls, where callers solicit personal information. These callers often prey on unsuspecting individuals, putting them at risk of fraud. 

Furthermore, the government has advised against responding to WhatsApp calls originating from foreign numbers (such as +92). If you have encountered any such fraudulent activity, it is recommended to contact the official helpline at 1930 or file a complaint at

Guidelines for Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats and Crimes

Here are some guidelines to protect yourself from cyber threats and crimes:

  • Never Share Account Details: Do not share your account details such as ATM numbers or four-digit PINs with anyone. Banks never ask for such information directly from individuals. In case of any doubts, contact your bank directly.
  • Avoid Sharing Personal Information on Social Media: Refrain from sharing personal information or your contact number on social media platforms. This information can be misused by cybercriminals.
  • Regularly Change Passwords: Change your ATM PIN or passwords for accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, or Instagram periodically, preferably every few months.
  • Be Cautious of Money Requests: If someone asks you for money and requests a PIN on your number, do not share it. Such requests are often scams.
  • Exercise Caution with App Permissions: When installing any application, be mindful of the permissions it asks for, such as location, camera, photos, and videos. Some applications may request unnecessary permissions, which could compromise your privacy. Read the guidance provided by any application carefully.

Utilizing Government Cybercrime Reporting Portal

You Can Lodge Complaints on the Government’s Vigilance Portal.

To combat cyber fraud, the government has launched a vigilance portal where citizens can report incidents. This initiative extends to creating an app specifically designed for this purpose. If you receive any suspicious calls, SMS, or WhatsApp messages with fraudulent intentions, you can file a report on the portal. 

The report will include details such as the time, date, and content of the communication, ensuring all relevant information is captured. Additionally, screenshots of such communications can also be submitted as part of the complaint record.

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