R. Madhavan’s Wife Reacts to ‘Shaitaan’ Trailer: Actor Credits Ajay for More Space, ‘I’m His Fan Now

The anticipation surrounds R. Madhavan’s upcoming film “Shaitaan,” where he is set to portray a negative role. During the trailer launch event of the film, Madhavan mentioned that even his wife distanced herself after watching the trailer of “Shaitaan.”

Madhavan Surprised That People Are Afraid of Him

During the film’s trailer launch event, Madhavan expressed his surprise that people would be scared of him. He said, “I couldn’t tell you what an amazing experience it was, especially with this team. I had never imagined that I would be taken to such a level where people would be scared of me.” This sentiment reflects his astonishment at the impact of his role and the film’s team dynamics. He never anticipated reaching a level where audiences would fear him.

It seems that when I showed my wife teasers and trailers of movies, she started to watch them separately. She even suggested that I keep my distance from certain films. Therefore, after the release of such movies, I might encounter many problems.

Madhavan with wife Sarita Birje. Both got married in 1999

Importance of Teasers and Trailers Amplified by Ajay: Madhavan

During the event, Madhavan also discussed his experience working with Ajay Devgan. He said, “I have been in the industry for a long time, and I know that Ajay is the real Singham here. I have always been a big fan of his work. Before this film, we hadn’t talked much, but when Ajay offered me ‘Shaitaan,’ I became his fan.” This highlights how Ajay Devgan’s involvement in the project elevated its significance for Madhavan, emphasizing the importance of teasers and trailers in capturing the audience’s attention and interest.

(Left to Right) Madhavan, Ajay Devgn, child actor Angad Raj, Jyotika and Janaki Bodiwala at the film's teaser launch event.

I asked him why he hadn’t taken up such a role before. He replied, “The teaser, trailer, and everything around the character in the film is painted just around my character. Only a creative and persuasive individual can do this and can give his co-actors immense popularity.”

Madhavan Believes in Supernatural Inclinations

During the event, the actor also expressed his belief in supernatural inclinations. Madhavan stated, “I have experienced many supernatural inclinations. I believe in hypnosis too. We should be careful about many things, and this movie will help you to be saved from it.”

Shaitaan is a remake of Gujarati film 'Vash' released last year

Ajay, Madhavan, and Jyotika starrer film ‘Shaitaan’ will release in theaters on March 8th. This film is a remake of the Gujarati film ‘Vash’ released last year. Gujarati actress Janki Bodiwala is making her debut in Bollywood with this film.

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