Sensational Mumbai Thief Strikes: Rs 1 Cr Heist in Gandhinagar Bungalow with Homemade Ladder – Shocking 33rd Robbery

In a startling incident that reverberated through the streets of Mumbai, a burglar wreaked havoc in a bungalow in Gandhinagar, unleashing a wave of chaos with a staggering 32-fold theft. The farmhouse situated in Shahpur, Gandhinagar, became the target of the audacious burglar, who made away with a treasure trove totaling over Rs. 99 lakhs and 98 thousand, comprising of gold, silver, dollars, and various valuables. 

Employing sophisticated techniques, the thief scaled the towering walls of the bungalow, equipped with fencing, and ventured into the nearby jungle to fashion makeshift Ladder from felled wood. Subsequently, breaching the defenses of the bungalow, the adept burglar pilfered riches worth crores, vanishing into the shadows before making his way to Mumbai. Among the stolen goods was a significant case file related to the Sant Sarovar area’s development, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding saga. As the investigation unfolds, the saga of the 32-fold burglary underscores the need for heightened security measures and vigilance in the face of such brazen criminal activities.

Burglary Unveiled: Hefty Theft Occurs from Gandhinagar Bungalow

In a significant turn of events, a massive theft exceeding Rs. 99.98 lakhs unfolded in a bungalow located in Shahpur, Gandhinagar. Following the demise of builder Rajnikant Ratilal Patel’s wife Rashmiben due to a heart attack, family members gathered for the last rites at the Somnath Triveni Sangam. Amidst these solemn proceedings, it was discovered that valuables worth a total of 38 lakhs, including 10 lakhs in cash, diamond sets worth 15 lakhs, a gold chain, and assorted items, had been pilfered from their bungalow. 

Promptly, upon registering a complaint, the police delved into investigation, soliciting detailed accounts from family members. Subsequently, the curtain lifted on a burglary surpassing Rs. 99.98 lakhs, marking a significant challenge for law enforcement authorities.

Police Initiate Intensive Investigation into Burglary Case

Police Initiate Intensive Investigation into Burglary Case

In response to the gravity of the crime, Range Inspector General Virendrasinh Yadav, along with District Police Chief Ravi Teja Wasam Setty’s direct supervision, activated teams led by ASP Suman Nala, LCB PI D.B. Wala, and HP Parmar to commence an intensive investigation. Technical surveillance revealed a breakthrough when the pager of Chetan Manikrao Thulkar (Residence: Jamshedji Tata Road, BMC Garden, Gavdevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra), suspected of being involved in the burglary, received a signal. With this development, the police intensified their efforts to unravel the intricate layers of the case.

Breakthrough in Mumbai: 32-Fold Burglary Unveiled

Breakthrough in Mumbai: 32-Fold Burglary Unveiled

With information confirming the presence of the criminal in Mumbai, an immediate team was dispatched to Mumbai. There, Ganadevi Police Inspector Chetan Historyshitter was waiting. Against him, there were entries in 32 different police stations in Mumbai related to burglary. He was brought from Hinganghat, Maharashtra, to Gandhinagar. During interrogation, he confessed to the burglary in the said bungalow, following which he was remanded to custody for 10 days.

Suspect Confesses: Police Uncover Stolen Loot

Following his confession to the burglary charges, the elusive thief, Chetan, engaged the police in a tumultuous exchange. After a series of intensive interrogations spanning four days, Chetan finally admitted to his involvement in the burglary case near Sant Sarovar, Gandhinagar. He revealed burying the stolen loot, including cash and jewelry, in a concealed pit within the vicinity. Acting swiftly upon this revelation, the police excavated the area and successfully recovered stolen goods worth a staggering one crore rupees, including cash and precious items.

Mumbai Burglar Visits Ahmedabad: Foiled Plans and Narrow Escapes

Mumbai Burglar Visits Ahmedabad: Foiled Plans and Narrow Escapes

Last year, a notorious thief from Mumbai, Chetan Thulkar, had made his way to Ahmedabad with intentions to delve into the gutka business, at the behest of a Mumbai businessman. During his stay, one day Chetan visited Gandhinagar, where he decided to grab a meal at a hotel near the Sabarmati River. Meanwhile, his eyes caught sight of a luxurious mansion atop the bank of the river. The vast expanse surrounding the mansion triggered thoughts of burglary in Chetan’s mind. However, at that moment, due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to return to Mumbai without executing his plans.

Failed Burglary Attempt: January Encounter in Ahmedabad

Intent on burglarizing a wealthy mansion, Chetan returned to Ahmedabad towards the end of January. He found himself lodged in an upscale hotel near Pakwan Char Rasta. It was a chilly night when he finally made his way to the targeted mansion. The mansion stood tall, surrounded by high fences, seemingly impenetrable. Undeterred, Chetan attempted to scale the walls, but the security measures thwarted his plans. Frustrated, he retreated to Mumbai, only to return later with tools and equipment, including wood and wire, purchased from Ahmedabad.

Failed Heist: Chetan's Jungle Ladder Attempt

Failed Heist: Chetan’s Jungle Ladder Attempt

On January 31st, the mischievous Chetan ventured into the jungles near the mansion with a devious plan. There, amidst the wilderness, he fashioned Ladder from wood, bound with wire, intending to execute his scheme. These Ladder were strategically positioned against the mansion’s walls to serve as makeshift platforms during the night. However, his meticulous efforts were impeded by the vigilant security guard, leaving Chetan stranded for hours. 

Eventually, as he attempted to climb, the daunting height of the wall posed a formidable challenge, leading to his ignominious retreat. Subsequent investigations uncovered bags filled with gold, silver, cash amounting to lakhs of rupees, and dollars, all meticulously stashed away, serving as stark evidence of his failed heist.

Hidden Loot in the Grove near Sant Sarovar

After the uproar caused by the house burglary, the police speculated that a significant portion of stolen goods might be concealed somewhere. Acting on this suspicion, Chetan was traced to the expansive grove near Sant Sarovar. As he delved into the thick foliage, burying bags laden with loot, law enforcement lurked nearby, poised to intercept him on the road to Mumbai. 

Chetan had previously extracted a substantial amount of cash from the bags, ensuring a calm demeanor during police interrogation, thereby concocting a plan to return with the bags. However, before he could execute this plan, a team led by SP Ravi Teja Wasam from Gandhinagar intercepted him in Mumbai.

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