Former Vadodara Congress President Prashant Patel Joins BJP with Supporters

Vadodara: Significant developments have come to light in Vadodara Congress. There is a major upheaval within the Vadodara Congress party. Prashant Patel, former city chief of Congress and a candidate in the Lok Sabha elections, has resigned from the Congress party. It is reported that he will join the BJP along with his supporters on September 17th.

Former Vadodara Congress City Chief Prashant Patel Resigns, Set to Join BJP

Vadodara: The Vadodara Congress is undergoing a major shakeup as Prashant Patel, the former city chief of Congress and a former Lok Sabha election candidate, has tendered his resignation from the Congress party. It has been reported that he, along with his supporters, will join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on September 17th.

Congress Leaders and Workers Join BJP

Vadodara city Congress has received a major setback as several Congress leaders and workers have submitted their resignations. Former city president of Congress, Prashant Patel, along with many office bearers and workers from Congress have also resigned. Prashant Patel is set to join BJP on September 17. The presence of the State BJP President CR Patil and Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi indicates that they are going to embrace the saffron party. Along with Prashant Patel, former Congress president Suresh Patel and Bhavesh Patel are also going to join BJP. So, several Congress leaders and workers are set to join the BJP.

Prashant Patel Appeals for Joining BJP

In light of the news about joining BJP, Prashant Patel has made an appeal. He has stated that he and others have been inspired by Prime Minister Modi’s development work and the agenda of Hindutva. He mentioned that there is no dissatisfaction with Congress, but he wishes to be a part of the saffron party’s ocean of Hindutva. He has been inactive for the last year, whether to stay in Congress or not was a dilemma for him. Now, on September 17, he will join BJP along with 500 people. Whoever wishes to join him is welcome.

Who is Prashant Patel?

Prashant Patel was the President of the Student Union at M.S. University in 1997. In the year 2015, after Anuj Patel’s resignation, Prashant Patel became the president of Vadodara Congress. During that time, Prashant Patel became the youngest president in the history of Vadodara Congress. When Prashant Patel became the president, the position had changed four times in the first 6 months. After that, Prashant Patel became the president. Prashant Patel’s selection was unique in the sense that Vadodara Congress had seen four presidents change in the first six months. Prashant Patel was the youngest president in the history of Vadodara Congress. After Prashant Patel became the president, elections were held in the district in which Prashant Patel’s panel was dissolved.

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