Mother-Daughter Duo in Chain Snatching Arrest: Caught with Stolen Car Worth 10 Lakhs, CCTV Captures Swift Robbery

Daring Heist Unveiled: Elderly Woman Buys Snacks, Unknowingly Wears 140,000 Rs. Gold Chain

In a quaint town near Gir-Somanath, an elderly woman made an unsuspecting purchase at a local snack shop. Little did she know that two other women, who had just bought a lavish gold chain worth 140,000 Rs., were closely watching. In a shocking turn of events, both women later confronted the elderly lady, snatching the expensive chain from her neck.

As the entire incident unfolded, the crime branch in Gir-Somanath, with the help of CCTV footage, discovered the true culprits behind this audacious act. The notorious mother-daughter duo, well-known for their criminal activities in Rajkot, were identified and apprehended for their involvement in the brazen robbery.

Gold Chain Stolen from Elderly Woman’s Neck in Gir-Somanath

On December 25th, in the vicinity of Una Tower Chowk in Gir-Somanath district, a group of elderly women, who had gone to the market to buy vegetables and sweets, fell victim to a cunning act of chain-snatching. One woman skillfully replaced the gold chain worn by an elderly lady with a fake one, while another accomplice distracted her by asking for directions. The incident came to light when the victim realized the deception and reported it to the police.

The local police, led by Manoharsinh Jadeja, swiftly took action upon receiving the information. The case was registered under IPC Section 397 (a) 3 at the Una police station. Through meticulous investigation, the police uncovered the involvement of a notorious mother-daughter duo known for their criminal activities in the Rajkot region. The duo was caught red-handed and is now facing charges related to this audacious chain-snatching incident.

The arrest of the mother-daughter duo, identified as Nikita Savaliya and her daughter Vaishali Savaliya, has also revealed their connection to six other instances of chain-snatching in the Rajkot district. The duo’s apprehension has brought relief to the local community and highlighted the importance of vigilance against such criminal activities.

Case Worth Rs. 13.75 Lakhs Seized in Mother-Daughter Robbery Operation

Manoharsinh Jadeja, the district police chief, revealed details about a major case involving a mother-daughter duo engaged in a series of robberies targeting women shopping in crowded markets like Shak Market and Gujaribazar. These women, especially elderly shoppers, were being singled out. The culprits would skillfully snatch gold chains, particularly focusing on those worn by elderly women, and expertly switch them with fake ones while diverting their attention.

The police successfully apprehended the mother-daughter duo, who were found to have committed a series of such crimes. Upon investigation, the police recovered items including a gold chain weighing approximately 63 grams with an estimated value of Rs. 3,12,500, a bracelet worth Rs. 10 lakhs, a branded wristwatch, and a mobile phone. The total value of the seized assets amounts to Rs. 13,17,500. The accused are currently in police custody awaiting legal proceedings.

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