Heartbreaking Incident: 20-Year-Old Student Faces Sudden Heart Attack in Anand

In the state, the surge in heart attack cases has led to numerous tragic losses. This story unfolds in Anand, specifically in the Bakrol region, where a 20-year-old youth, pursuing nursing studies in the fourth semester at Vinayaka Institute of Nursing College, faced a sudden heart attack. Despite being in the vicinity of Anand’s General Hospital, the lack of cardiology facilities in the hospital forced him to be referred to Karamsad Hospital. Unfortunately, the young man succumbed to the attack on the way.

In the state of Gujarat, where incidents of heart attacks have seen a disturbing rise, a heartbreaking incident occurred in Anand. A 20-year-old student, Piyush Chauhan, studying nursing in Bakrol, suffered a sudden heart attack. Despite being in close proximity to medical facilities, the lack of cardiology services in Anand’s General Hospital necessitated his referral to Karamsad Hospital. Tragically, Piyush’s life was cut short on the way, highlighting the challenges in timely access to specialized medical care.

Tragic Incident: Student Collapses on Road While Being Transferred to Karamsad

As the student was en route to Karamsad, he experienced respiratory distress. The medical team at General Hospital, Anand, provided initial care, but due to the absence of essential cardiology facilities, the decision was made to urgently transfer him to Shrikrishna Hospital in Karamsad. The student’s condition deteriorated before reaching Karamsad Hospital, underscoring the critical need for accessible and specialized medical services, especially in cases of cardiac emergencies.

Statement from Civil Surgeon: Dr. Amar Pandya, the Civil Surgeon at General Hospital, Anand, expressed that the student, residing in the hostel, was brought to the hospital by friends when he experienced respiratory distress. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the medical team administered CPR and provided necessary medications. However, the student’s condition required intensive care and cardiology expertise, unavailable at General Hospital. Consequently, he was promptly referred to Karamsad Hospital for specialized treatment. Dr. Pandya highlighted the challenges posed by the absence of cardiology facilities in General Hospital and emphasized the need for comprehensive medical infrastructure to ensure timely and effective emergency care.

Lack of Civil Hospital in Anand District Despite 27 Years of Existence Raises Concerns

Anand district, with a history spanning 27 years, continues to grapple with the absence of a dedicated civil hospital. The existing Ganatiji Anand General Hospital lacks advanced medical services, contributing to inadequate healthcare for the public. Residents face difficulties accessing essential medical care, and instances of critical patients losing their lives due to insufficient healthcare facilities have raised concerns.

The demand for establishing a civil hospital in Vahel, Anand, has become more pronounced as the community realizes the urgency of addressing healthcare gaps. The lack of a fully-equipped hospital in the vicinity underscores the need for immediate action to ensure accessible and quality healthcare for the residents of Anand district.

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