Mumbai Crime Branch Nabs Vadodara Resident in RBI Bomb Threat Case: Accused Planned Explosive Mail at 11 Locations

Threatening Email Received by RBI: 11 Bombs Allegedly Planted Across Mumbai

On December 26, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reportedly received a threatening email indicating a plan to detonate bombs at a total of 11 locations, including RBI offices and branches of HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank in Mumbai. The Mumbai Crime Branch has swiftly taken action and apprehended a suspect from Vadodara in connection with the threat. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are yet to be revealed.

The threatening email, sent on Tuesday, contained information about the alleged placement of bombs at 11 different locations in Mumbai. According to sources, the person responsible for sending the email claimed to be a member of the ‘India’ group and expressed dissatisfaction with the RBI’s policies. The email hinted at coordinated bomb attacks, targeting key financial institutions in the city.

The Crime Branch team acted promptly and apprehended a suspect from Vadodara in connection with the threatening email. The interrogation of the individual is currently underway. The email has sparked concerns about the security of financial institutions and the potential for a larger conspiracy.

It is worth noting that this incident follows a similar threat received at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport’s Terminal 2 on November 23. In that case, the threat was related to the demand for a $10 million Bitcoin payment within 48 hours. The authenticity of the threats and the extent of the potential danger are yet to be fully ascertained.

The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are expected to take strict action against those responsible for sending the threatening email. Additionally, there are calls for RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to resign immediately and for a comprehensive inquiry into the entire matter.

This situation raises concerns about the security of critical infrastructure and the need for robust measures to prevent such threats and attacks. Further updates on the investigation will be awaited.

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