Shocking Night Assault: 5 Security Guards Gang-Rape 19-Year-Old

In a flat in Ahmedabad, five security guards attempted to rob a woman living there by showing her weapons. Not only that, but the woman also managed to escape with her car after being subjected to collective sexual assault by the five guards. Subsequently, before they could flee to Punjab, where they had bound their faces with cloth, the police had nabbed them.

The victim is a 19-year-old woman who works as domestic help in the residence of a 41-year-old woman in Shilaj. When the lights suddenly went out in the flat on Thursday night, the woman checked outside her house to see why. At that time, five young men working as security guards forced their way into the flat, and later, they attempted sexual assault on the woman, showing her a weapon. Despite telling them that she was a cancer patient, the five accused robbed her ATM card and car.

Collective Sexual Assault on a Domestic Help

The victim’s house help is a 19-year-old woman. At the time of the incident, she went outside to check when the lights went out in the flat at night, where she was working. Five men working as security guards in the flat attacked her and brought her back into the house. Later, the woman was shown a weapon by the accused and was subjected to attempted sexual assault. The accused then fled with her car.

The Accused Are Now on the Run

One of the women living in Shilaj is a 41-year-old woman who works in land transactions. The 19-year-old woman living in her house works as domestic help. On Thursday night, when the lights suddenly went out in the flat, the woman went out to check. At that time, five young men working as security guards in the flat attacked the woman and later attempted to sexually assault her while showing her a weapon. The woman even informed them that she was a cancer patient, but the five accused proceeded to rob her ATM card and car.

Threats of Collective Sexual Assault on Domestic Help

Similarly, five guards collectively subjected a 19-year-old domestic help in the flat to sexual assault. The accused took her car and fled after robbing the car where they had bound her face. They also withdrew Rs. 40,000 from the woman’s account. Not only that, they kidnapped her in a car and went to Punjab, where the five accused were nabbed.

The Woman Filed a Complaint

The woman filed a complaint in Bopal Police Station, and the accused were apprehended by the police across the entire region. On the other side, Banaskantha police were informed about the incident. Before they could escape to Ahmedabad, they had bound their faces. In addition to this, the accused have been handed over to Ahmedabad for further investigation.

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