Althan Bootlegger Beaten to Death in Brutal CCTV Incident: 6 Murders in 5 Days

Criminals have become audacious in the city of Surat with the absence of Police Commissioner for 65 days. On average, one murder is happening every day in Surat city for the past five days. With no fear of the police, murderers are openly committing crimes. Just this morning, a murder took place in the Althan area of the city.

Single Administration:

Since February 1st, Surat city has been running without a Police Commissioner. Joint Police Commissioner, Vabang Jhamir, is currently acting as the in-charge Police Commissioner of Surat city. Alongside, Vabang Jhamir, as the in-charge, has been responsible for Surat Range Inspector General’s duties for the past six months.

Police Rushes to Crime Scenes:

Following information, police rushed to the scene in Althan shopping world, where a bootlegger, Nanubhai Patel, alias Nania, was murdered by two assailants with sharp weapons. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV cameras. Police, along with senior officials, rushed to the scene for investigation. Within the past five days, there have been six murder cases in the entire city. Additionally, within two days in Zone Four area, three murder cases have been reported.

Family Mourns Death:

Both assailants had concealed their faces with scarves and fled after committing the murder. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV cameras. It can be seen in CCTV footage that the assailants are not afraid. One of the murderers covered his face with a handkerchief, but the other didn’t hide. Both assailants beat Nanubhai brutally in a fit of rage. The family mourns the death of Nanubhai.

Civil Hospital for Postmortem:

Upon arrival at the scene, a team of senior police officers, along with the police, reached the incident site. The police are conducting an investigation based on CCTV footage. The police have sent the body of the deceased to the Civil Hospital for postmortem. Separate teams have been deployed to apprehend the culprits.

Identification of One from Three:

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijaysinh Gurjar stated that this morning, three assailants arrived on a bike near Althan shopping complex in Althan Visatara, and one of them, Pradeep Shukla, residing in Dindoli, stabbed Nanu Dahyabhai Patel to death. The identification of one of the three assailants has been made. He is named Pradeep Shukla and resides in Dindoli. While another two accomplices are being searched for by the police team.

Investigation Begins

Vijaysinh Gurjar revealed that in front of the deceased Nanu Patel, the police have noted down offenses of prohibition during the prohibition era. The investigation is ongoing, and many cases are being pursued. Currently, the police are investigating whether the deceased was a bootlegger and how old his bootlegging activities were. The police are conducting an investigation into the reasons behind his killing. The police are also investigating the criminal history of Deep Shukla and the other two accomplices involved in the murders.

Met with Death at the Scene

One case has been detected out of three. It has also been revealed that within the last two days, three murders have occurred in the town. Two suspects are apprehended by the Khathodara police and one in Althana. One case has been detected out of the three. The remaining murderers will also be apprehended soon.

City’s Law Enforcement Faces Many Questions

It is noteworthy that Nanji used to be involved in the business of country liquor. Concerns have arisen about the possibility of him being involved in the entire crime related to the country liquor trade. The police are currently investigating the murder case. If we talk about the incidents of murder in Surat, from April 1 to April 5, a total of 6 incidents of murder have been reported from various parts of the city. The incidents have raised many questions for the city’s law enforcement system.

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