Surat’s 3rd Murder in 48 Hrs: 2 Youths Attacked, 1 Dead, Over MD Drug Tip

More than one murder incident has occurred in the city of Surat. Within two days, three murder incidents have been reported. Near the old Sabji market area in Surat, three youths attacked two other youths with knives late at night. One of the youths succumbed to death, while another was seriously injured and rushed to the Civil Hospital for treatment. The attackers were accused of being involved with MD drugs, which led to the assault. The police have noted the crime of murder and are actively pursuing the suspects.

Public Attack Leads to Fatality

According to available information, a bloody incident occurred late at night in the old Sabji market area under the jurisdiction of the Katargam police station. Hanif Amir Khan and Mohsin, two young men, were attacked by three individuals. The public witnessed the attack on the street, creating a sense of fear among others. After the attack, all three assailants fled the scene. In this incident, Hanif Khan lost his life, while Mohsin, upon receiving serious injuries, was rushed to the Civil Hospital for treatment. Along with the investigation, officers from Katargam Police, including police officials, arrived at the scene and conducted a thorough examination.

ACP Notes Gunfire Against Six Individuals

ACP Zedari stated that Hanif Khan and Mohsin were staying behind closed doors. Ejaz Khanjari, Hazu Khanjari, and Habib, three individuals, have informed the police about Hanif Khan and Mohsin. They were called to the old Sabji market area for resolving issues. However, after heated arguments between them, a fight broke out. During this, the three individuals attacked Mohsin and Hanif with sharp weapons they had kept with them. Mohsin was injured in the attack, and when Hanif tried to defend him, he was fatally injured. The police have noted the crime against the three assailants and are actively pursuing their arrest.

Three Murders Within 48 Hours in Surat

Within two days, three murder incidents have occurred in Surat. On the night of the 31st, two brothers allegedly killed a young man over a love affair dispute with their sister in Limbayat area. Similarly, on the night of April 31st, another lover was murdered in Varachha area upon arrival to meet his girlfriend. The girlfriend had called him over the phone to meet, and when he arrived, her brothers were also present. Amidst this, the brothers assaulted the lover, resulting in his death. Thus, within just 48 hours, Surat city has witnessed three murder incidents, causing panic among residents.

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