Ola Unveils India’s First AutoNomos Electric Scooter with Self-Charging

Ola Electric is gearing up to launch its new electric scooter, ‘Ola Solo.’ The company claims that this will be India’s first autonomous electric scooter that can be driven without a driver. When booking this scooter on the official website, the company wrote, “‘Ola Solo’ is not just a scooter, it’s a revolution. It blends technology with tradition, paving the way for a smarter, cleaner, and more autonomous future.”

Ola Solo: Features

Ola Solo will come with features such as multilingual voice, facial recognition and helmet activation, ride modes including comfort mode, relaxation mode, human mode, and vibrating seat alert among other features. Let’s delve into some of its special features:

  • Multilingual Voice: With support from artificial voice technology, the scooter will be able to converse in 22 languages when activated.
  • Facial Recognition and Helmet Activation: A safety feature for enhanced security, activating facial recognition and helmet ensures additional safety measures.
  • Comfort Mode: Accessible through the Ola app, this feature allows users to opt for a driverless ride with Ola Solo.
  • Rest Mode: When the battery of Ola Solo is running low, it will locate nearby charging stations and recharge the battery.
  • Vibrating Seat Alert: This feature provides easy alerts about potential hazards and incoming obstacles.

Ola Solo: Breakthrough Technology

The company has stated that from hardware to software and all components and innovations, everything in the new Ola Solo is done by Ola itself. Manufacturing is also done in-house. Ola has touted this as breakthrough technology.

India’s First Autonomous Electric Scooter

The CEO of the company, Bhavish Aggarwal, wrote on social media platform X, “We promised to bring you a new product, and here it is! Introducing ‘Ola Solo – India’s first autonomous electric scooter.’ Solo is fully autonomous, AI-enabled, and a traffic-smart scooter. We will revolutionize ride-hailing and local commerce!

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