Bike Theft Leads to 122 Rapid Trips: Dental Student Joins Friends in Stealing 12 Bikes, Supreme Court Clerk’s Car Not Spared

Every phase of life witnesses friends helping each other. In Ahmedabad, a shocking tale of friendship has emerged where a young man, disillusioned with his dental career, fell into the company of two friends and resorted to vehicle theft. Together, they orchestrated the theft of a dozen motorcycles and even commandeered the car of a Supreme Court clerk. Utilizing Rapido, they carried out their escapades, completing a staggering 122 rides.

This incident not only highlights the bond between individuals but also exposes the darker side where desperation leads to criminal acts. It serves as a sobering reminder of the consequences of veering off the path of integrity and the importance of choosing companions who uplift rather than lead astray.

Police Apprehend Three Youths in Ahmedabad for Vehicle Theft

In a significant development, the Zone-1 PSI H.H. Jadeja’s team successfully detected a series of vehicle thefts across various sectors of Ahmedabad city. The team’s diligence led to the apprehension of three youths traveling in an i20 car. The investigation into the vehicle unveiled its connection to the car belonging to a Supreme Court clerk. The interrogation of the three apprehended youths uncovered startling details pertaining to their involvement in the theft ring.

Police nabbed the three youths.

Dentistry Student Abandons Studies to Engage in Theft

Among the three youths, there was a pre-existing friendship. One of them was a dental student who had been pursuing his studies diligently. Meanwhile, the other two engaged in various small-scale businesses. During the pandemic, they faced financial difficulties. Being from humble backgrounds, they were eager to earn quick money. At a time when one of their families faced financial strain, they decided to brainstorm for immediate solutions. Rahul, Dileep, and Yogesh, discussing their plight, pondered, “If Dev (referring to their friend) could do it, why can’t we?” Subsequently, driven by the temptation of financial gain, they conspired to engage in theft after brief consideration.

From Bike Theft to 122 Rapido Trips: A Daring Escapade

The trio commenced their thievery using a Splendor motorcycle, given its single socket which allowed them to operate the vehicle directly. They stole not just one or two but twelve Splendor bikes in total. Employing their cunning, they tampered with the bike number plates and utilized Rapido, completing an astounding 122 rides. Amidst their spree, one of the young men noticed a car catching his eye, leading to its theft.

Stolen bikes and cars were also seized by the police.

Supreme Court Clerk’s Car Unveiled During Investigation

During a police investigation, it came to light that a car belonged to a clerk from the Supreme Court. While the clerk’s car was being repaired near Mansi Circle, a thief spotted it. The thief stole the key from inside the car and made a duplicate. Forty-eight hours later, when the car was being repaired and its owner had come to pick it up, the car was missing from the garage. The owner found the car parked near Vasna, at a government facility. By the time the owner returned that night, the thief had already stolen the car from there. This revelation exposes the entire theft racket and marks a significant success for the Ahmedabad Police.

Apprehended Individuals

Rahul Kishore Champavneri

  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: Unemployed
  • Address: Flat No. 02, First Floor, Gurukrupa Apartments, Premchandnagar, Jazis Bungalow, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad
  • Alternate Address: 506, Parvatinandan Society, Vanjara Road, Near Ujala Char Rasta, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad
  • Native Address: Near Bhavasar Chowk, Ambaji Temple, Barwala, J. Botad

Yogesh alias Gopal Bhima Borkhatariya

  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Address: Vadi Vistar, Matiyana Village, Ta-Manavadar, Dist-Junagadh

Dilipbhai Mulubhai Borkhatariya

  • Age: 40
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Address: Matiyana Village, Ta-Manavadar, Dist-Junagadh

Case Seized for Possession

A case involving possessions totaling 4.63 lakh has been seized, comprising a Hyundai i-20 car valued at 2 lakhs, 11 motorcycles worth 2.58 lakhs, and 2 mobile phones.

Details of Detected Offenses:

  1. Vastralpur Police Station, FIR No. 11191020240040/24 under IPC Section 379.
  2. Vastralpur Police Station, FIR No. 11191020230559/23 under IPC Section 379.
  3. Vastralpur Police Station, FIR No. 11191020240046/24 under IPC Section 379.
  4. Satellite Police Station, FIR No. 11191042230437/23 under IPC Section 379.
  5. Satellite Police Station, FIR No. 11191042230370/23 under IPC Section 379.
  6. Anandnagar Police Station, FIR No. 11191001230448/23 under IPC Section 379.
  7. Anandnagar Police Station, FIR No. 1119100240025/24 under IPC Section 379.
  8. Sarkhej Police Station, FIR No. 11191048230760/23 under IPC Section 379.
  9. Sola High Court Police Station, FIR No. 11191045240084/24 under IPC Section 379.

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