Husband Disposed of Wife’s Body in 224 Pieces, Paid Friend ₹5000: Shocking Crime

A person in Britain confessed to murdering his wife and dismembering her into 224 pieces. The incident dates back to March 2023. On April 5, 2024, a year after the murder, the perpetrator admitted his crime in court.

According to British media outlet ‘Metro’, Nicholas Matteson (28) murdered his wife Holly Bramley (26) and kept parts of her body at home for several days. Later, he gave his friend £5000 to dispose of the remains. Reports suggest that before committing the murder, Matteson had researched on the internet about the benefits he would gain from his wife’s death and how he would be surprised after she died.

The police released Matteson’s photo, stating that there were domestic disputes between the couple. The police informed the court that the motive for the murder was unclear, but there were disputes between Matt and Holly. The police also received news about Holly’s disappearance. She was last seen at home on March 17, 2023.

Matteson claimed that his wife might have accidentally fallen under the bed. After news emerged, police officers visited Matteson’s home. He was questioned about Holly, to which he responded, “Perhaps she is hiding under the bed.” There was a smell of bleach coming from the house. Matteson was then arrested. Eight days after the incident on March 25, 2023, Holly’s body, in 224 pieces, was found in a river. Her hands were found in a polythene bag, while her head was in another bag. There were no signs of hair. According to police reports, many body parts were still missing.

Body parts were found stored in the refrigerator. The police reported that during the investigation at Matteson’s house, blood stains were found on the bedroom floor and bedsheets. Blood, ammonia, and bleach were also found in the bathroom. These were used to clean blood stains. According to the police, a large freezer with polythene bags was also found in a storage room near the bathroom. Blood was present on them, but no body parts were found.

The victim’s mother stated that both Matteson and Holly had frequent arguments during their twelve-year marriage. They often fought. She also mentioned that Matteson had also killed many of Holly’s beloved pets. She revealed that Matteson had fed Holly’s pet hamster to a food blender and microwave. He also put a guinea pig in a washing machine and started it.

Matteson was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. It’s a mental illness. It can cause damage to communication and can harm people themselves. It is a cluster of many defects associated with the brain, which can lead to difficulties in social interaction.

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