Doctor Beaten After Death of Patient By Patient’s Family in Ahmedabad Hospital: CCTV Footage Reveals Incident

In a hospital in Ahmedabad’s Sarkehj, a patient was brought in for treatment. Despite attempts by the doctors to resuscitate the patient with CPR when he arrived at the hospital, unfortunately, he couldn’t be saved. Consequently, four relatives who accompanied the patient became agitated and assaulted the doctor, leading to chaos in the hospital. The entire incident was captured on the hospital’s CCTV cameras. The doctor has filed a complaint with the local police station, and further action is underway.

Unfortunate Events in Vejalpur

A 36-year-old doctor, Ujair Shaikh, residing in Vejalpur, has lodged a complaint at the Sarkehj police station, alleging misconduct at the hospital near his residence. On April 4, Alam Khan, a patient at the hospital, suffered a cardiac arrest. After his treatment and subsequent improvement in health by April 6, he was granted leave. However, his condition deteriorated again, prompting his family members to rush him back to the hospital. Unfortunately, Khan passed away upon arrival.

Assault by Patient’s Acquaintances

Despite attempts to revive him using CPR and a ventilator, Alam Khan couldn’t be saved. Enraged, his acquaintances physically assaulted the doctor, blaming him for Khan’s death. Even without uttering a word, they began attacking the doctor, hitting and kicking him. Despite the doctor’s attempts to reason with them, they continued their violent behavior.

Vandalism at the Hospital

The group of four individuals not only assaulted the doctor but also vandalized the hospital by breaking doors and windows, causing damage to other rooms as well. Amidst chaos, the doctor managed to escape with Alam Khan’s body from the hospital. However, even afterwards, they received threatening calls. The doctor reported the incident to Sarkehj police station, leading to the filing of a complaint against the four unidentified individuals.

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