Saurashtra University Exam: Jasani College’s Last-Minute Student Increase, Shipra College’s Old Course Papers

There has been chaos in the exams of Saurashtra University. Some students had trouble generating hall tickets on time. In Jasani College, when more students arrived at the last minute, external students from Shipra College were given papers of old courses. After the center at Ratanpar College in Surendranagar was changed, students had to take exams without barcodes.

Some students appeared for exams without hall tickets.

According to available information, Saurashtra University was supposed to conduct exams for 450 students in Jasani College, but today, an order was issued to conduct exams for over 100 additional students. This led to delays in printing more copies of the online papers, causing students to also receive modified papers. Some students appeared for exams without hall tickets, so they were made to sit in the lobby for exams. In the case of M.A. Semester – 2 External, when the Indian Culture paper, which was mock-tested online, didn’t open, the paper had to be given to students 20 minutes after the exam started. This decision was supported by the exam coordinator Nilesh Soni.

June 2016 Paper Given Today

In addition to this, today in M.Com. Semester – 2, there was a paper on Legal Aspects of Corporate, while in Shipra College, students who took the exam were from the 2024 batch, but they were given papers from the June 2016 batch. Students got to know about this fact only after they had given the paper. Along with this, today in J.B. Parmar College in Surendranagar, in M.A. Semester – 2 External, there was a paper on Sociology. Some students who had reached this center to give the exam were told that their paper is not available here, and they had to take the exam without barcodes later.

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