New Zealand Court Sentences 3 Khalistani Extremists: Convicted for Conspiring and Brutally Stabbing Indian-Origin Man 40 Times

Three Khalistani Men Sentenced for Murder of Indian-Origin Individual in New Zealand

In New Zealand, three individuals of Khalistani origin are set to face punishment for the murder of a radio host named Harmeet Singh in 2020. They attempted to carry out the murder on Singh, who had been vocal against Khalistani ideologies, resulting in a stabbing attack. The accused had persistently expressed anti-Khalistan sentiments, leading to the planned assault.

According to New Zealand Herald, the main orchestrator of the conspiracy is a 48-year-old New Zealand citizen whose identity remains undisclosed. He has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for orchestrating this plot. Meanwhile, a 27-year-old Sarvjeet Singh and a 44-year-old Sukhpreet Singh have been put under surveillance for 9 months.

Assault on Radio Host Harnek Singh in 2020

This case dates back to the year 2020. On December 23, 2020, radio host Harnek Singh was attacked by assailants in a car while he was at home. Subsequently, he became the victim of a violent assault. The attackers arrived in three vehicles, and not only Singh but several others were also targeted. They surrounded Singh’s car and subjected him to a stabbing attack 40 times with a knife.

Harnek suffered serious injuries and, after much effort, managed to lock his car and honk the horn, alerting people nearby. Hearing the commotion, several individuals rushed to his aid. He was taken to the hospital, having sustained over 350 stab wounds. Despite the severity of his injuries, Harnek Singh underwent multiple surgeries, and his life was saved.

‘Job is Done’: Australian Court Sentences Attacker in Harnek Singh Case

According to reports from New Zealand, Jaspal Singh is one of the individuals who attempted to assault Harnek Singh. In May 2022, the Auckland High Court sentenced Jaspal to five years in prison for attempting to murder Harnek. During the trial, Harnek’s friend Avatar revealed behind-the-scenes machinations against the mastermind behind the assassination attempt. Avatar claimed that he had contracted Jaspal to carry out the murder, which Jaspal vehemently denied. Following this, on December 23, 2020, after the assault on Harnek, Jaspal called Avatar and reportedly said, “Job is done.” Now, he won’t be able to speak on the radio.

I refrain from expressing my opinions without clarification: Harnek After the assailants received their sentences, Harnek reportedly told them, “You came to kill me. You asked me to remain silent. You could scare those who speak against Khalistan, but you couldn’t do it. You all failed, and justice prevailed. I will always express my opinions, and no threats can stop me.”


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