Search for Missing Bulgarian Girl with Cadillac Continues: Police Investigation Stalled for 13 Days

A few days ago, a well-known pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s CMD Rajiv Modi, was accused of sexual harassment by a Bulgarian woman. The investigation into this case is gaining significant traction among sensitive communities. Currently, the victim has been missing for 13 days under mysterious circumstances. On the other hand, the accused, Rajiv Modi, is suspected to be abroad. In this case, the accused, identified as Kedila’s HR manager Johnson Mathew, is also involved. The police have issued notices twice to record his statement. Meanwhile, the accused had requested for time. Eventually, the police noted Johnson Mathew’s statement, connecting him to Rajiv Modi and the details of the victim.

Rajiv Modi and the Youth’s Counselor Johnson Mathew The police are currently investigating crucial evidence and testimonies. Johnson Mathew was summoned twice by the police for questioning, having been served notices. During both instances of being served notices, he had requested time. However, now the police have summoned him for questioning and recorded his statement. Currently, this case involves Rajiv Modi and the counselor Johnson Mathew representing the youth. After Mathew’s statement was taken, the police have now taken action to locate the Bulgarian woman. She has also filed a petition through her lawyer. However, no breakthrough in the case has been made yet.

No link to the Bulgarian woman has been found.

In this case, the police are investigating Rajiv Modi’s office from his pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad. Rajiv Modi’s whereabouts are still unknown, and the police are concerned about his potential presence abroad. The Bulgarian woman has been missing for a few days now, and despite police efforts, she has not been located.

The case remains sensitive among the community.

The police are making separate attempts to locate Rajiv Modi. Earlier, there was a threat made against Johnson Mathew, an individual named in connection with the case. The police had issued notices to Johnson Mathew twice. However, he had requested time. Now, the police have recorded Johnson Mathew’s statement in connection with the entire case, which includes details related to Rajiv and the victim. The entire case remains sensitive, and police officials have not disclosed any details publicly. However, the police have been able to gather information about various individuals involved in the case.

The investigation matches the complaint with certain items or details related to the interaction between the Bulgarian woman and Rajiv Modi. Johnson Mathew was questioned by the police about how the Bulgarian woman was involved and how she had contact with Rajiv Modi. However, the police did not provide any information about his response. Now, the police have initiated an inquiry into what aspects of the complaint match with the details obtained and the complaint filed by the Bulgarian woman.

The victim has disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

On January 18th, the woman had gone to the police with her lawyer to file a complaint. However, due to the busy schedule of the investigating officers on that day, the complaint was not recorded. Before she could return to file the complaint again, she disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

The request to file a complaint before the High Court was made between January 17th and 24th.

Following the court order to file a complaint before Rajiv Modi, investigations into the woman’s case were initiated at sixteen police stations. Subsequently, the police have gathered statements from staff and employees of the pharmaceuticals under Rajiv Modi’s umbrella. Rajiv Modi’s whereabouts couldn’t be ascertained by the police, and further investigation into the woman’s case was delegated to Joint Commissioner Chirag Kordiya based on the request made between January 17th and 24th. In this request, the woman expressed concerns about how and why the police officers did not register her complaint, leading her to approach the High Court.

The woman had filed an affidavit.

In this case, a potential witness could be a friend of the woman who, along with her, attempted to file a complaint against Rajiv Modi and HR Manager Johnson Mathews for alleged involvement in human trafficking and sex racketeering. Before disappearing, the woman had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court, requesting that her case be investigated by a central agency.

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