Tragedy in Madhya Pradesh Harda: 7 Dead, 100 Injured in Firecracker Factory Blast

In Harda, Madhya Pradesh, there was an explosion in an unauthorized fireworks factory, causing fires in more than 60 nearby houses. Seven people have died, and over 100 others are injured. Dead bodies are scattered along the roads near the factory, with about 15 bodies visible. More than 25 injured individuals have been taken to hospitals in the Harda district. Authorities have evacuated over 100 houses. People were seen running out of their homes to save their lives due to the explosion.

Dr. Manish Sharma, a civil surgeon in Harda, reported that seven people died in the accident, with over 100 others injured. Fifteen bodies have been found scattered along the roads near the factory.

Preparations for treating the injured are underway in Indore as well. MY Hospital in Indore is on alert to accommodate the injured. Collector Ashish Singh has reached MY Hospital. Ambulances and fire brigades have been dispatched to Harda from Indore. Emergency meetings have been called for the management of the injured in Indore.

CM Dr. Mohan has called for an emergency meeting regarding the incident. He has instructed immediate action, sending Home Minister Uday Pratap Singh, ACS Ajit Kesari, and DGP Homeguard Arvind Kumar via helicopter. Burn units in Bhopal, Indore Medical Colleges, and AIIMS Bhopal are being prepared. Senior officials have been given instructions for relief work.

A green corridor has been established between Harda and Bhopal. Injured individuals from the explosion at the fireworks factory will be transported via this corridor to Hamidia Hospital and AIIMS Bhopal.

Dr. H.P. Singh, the CMO of Harda, stated that seven injured individuals from the factory explosion were referred from Harda District Hospital to Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal.

The factory is located in Bairagarh village on Magardha Road. The explosion occurred on Tuesday morning, causing a massive blast and subsequent fires. The explosion was so powerful that it shook the entire city. The factory stored gunpowder, which quickly turned into flames and smoke upon contact with fire. The extent of the damage is yet to be determined. Fire brigade vehicles have been dispatched to the scene upon receiving information. The exact cause of the fire is currently unknown.

Ambulances and fire engines have been called from Harda, Betul, Khandwa, and Narmadapuram. Collector Rishi Garg and SP Sanjeev Kumar Kanchan, along with the entire administrative machinery, are present at the site.

A witness in Nazre Jonar reported that the explosion was so powerful that it blew off the roofs of houses nearly 200 meters away. People were frightened and ran outside. Subsequent explosions occurred one after another. Many stones were thrown in the air. Pedestrians were jumping onto the road. Many lost their lives, and I fear that at least 1000 people might have been trapped there.

Gunpowder was illegally stored in the houses around the factory premises. Due to this, many houses were destroyed. Several pedestrians were caught in the blaze. Their bodies were torn apart. The accuracy of this information has not been confirmed.

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