Bulgarian Girl’s Revelations: Rajiv Modi Described as ‘Not Normal, Psychopathic’; Disturbing Actions Detailed in Full Interview

It appears that there are serious allegations against Rajiv Modi, CMD of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, by a Bulgarian woman, who claims to have faced misconduct from him. The controversy has gained media attention, and the woman has spoken about the alleged incident in an exclusive interview with Divya Bhaskar.

She faced harassment from Rajiv Modi behind closed doors while working for the pharmaceutical company. The woman revealed her experience and expressed that she felt ashamed. The situation has reportedly caused distress to Rajiv Modi’s son as well.

There is mention of Rajiv Modi creating a business visa for an electronic business solution in Bulgaria. The article discusses the woman’s job prospects, how she received an offer from a job solution company, and was later offered a job as a private flight attendant for the company. The woman goes on to describe her experience and alleges misconduct by Rajiv Modi.

The passage talks about the arrangements made for women aged 40 to 45 who joined Cadila Pharmaceuticals in December. The induction program was held at a house near Rajiv Modi’s residence in Charodi. The women were accommodated there, and details about work and rules were communicated to them. Job Solution had organized the stay for the women, but they were not allowed to go outside without official permission. The induction program lasted for two months.

The passage describes an incident where a flight attendant from the sales department at Cadila Pharmaceuticals joined a flight with CMD Rajiv Modi on February 22. She was later asked to visit the Jammu factory. Initially, Rajiv Modi told her not to feel embarrassed and to speak openly. However, after two days, when she visited another place, Rajiv Modi slapped her from behind, told her not to feel shy, and asked her not to keep shame. Later, he instructed everyone to stay outside when he visited homes, and the incident continued with inappropriate behavior in the bathroom.

The young woman mentioned that Rajiv Modi is not the first person to behave this way. She expressed that she has faced similar situations before with other young women, and when she tried to raise questions about it, she was sent to Apollo Hospital, where Rajiv Modi holds a 51% stake. She mentioned undergoing a COVID test and being kept in the Radisson Hotel in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and later shifting to Foran Regional Registration Officer’s contact. However, despite facing several challenges, she decided to leave the hotel and go back to her home due to pressure to travel within the country.

The individual mentioned that despite seeking help from the Ahmedabad city Police Commissioner’s office and having a conversation with a woman named Rima, she faced difficulties and attempts to suppress her case. Eventually, she reached out to the Ahmedabad police via email, but she hasn’t received any response regarding her case. The police claimed that there is no evidence in her case, and when she tried to approach the Vastral Women Police Station, her attempts were thwarted.

The individual mentioned that the Women’s ACP Hema Joshi from Vastral Women Police Station in Ahmedabad got angry with her and asked her separate questions, making her uncomfortable. Feeling threatened, she stayed silent. Once, when she sought help from the Higher Authorities in Kadi, Advocate Johnson Mathew, along with 10 other lawyers, accompanied her to the Women’s Police Station and filed a forced affidavit against her.

She also revealed that Rajiv Modi has a mental illness. The police helped the accused and framed her. She communicated with FRRO officers, informing them about the situation, and requested to end the matter between the employee and the company to prevent a major incident.

The person has now filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the High Court regarding the recent incident. In the PIL, it’s mentioned that Rajiv Modi’s son approached her and helped her reach the police station and meet a lawyer. The son, dealing with his father’s actions, has also considered suicide. ACP Hemali Joshi’s alleged harassment will be evident from the CCTV footage of the police station, where she is seen with a total of 15 individuals, including ACP Hemali Joshi, signing documents related to the case.

The latest development is that the person has finally approached the High Court and made the matter public. It appears to be a significant step in seeking justice.

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