Vajubhai’s Bold Prediction: Operation Lotus, More Congress Wickets to Fall in Gujarat

After yesterday’s Prana Pratishtha festival of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Gujarat BJP has again become active in the work of Lok Sabha elections. Today, Central Election Offices have been started in all 26 seats of Gujarat, including Rajkot. National President JP Nadda inaugurated the election office. It is noteworthy that candidate selection has not been finalized on all 26 Lok Sabha seats; however, BJP’s Nishan Kamal has been made a candidate, and the office has been opened with the slogan of winning BJP with a huge lead of 5 lakhs on all 26 seats. Vajubhai Vala emphasized the role of activists as the real force and expressed confidence in securing a significant victory.

Vajubhai Vala’s Address to Party Workers

Former Governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Vala addressed party workers, recalling his humble beginnings. He emphasized his identity as a common worker and discussed the growth of the party in Gujarat, reaching 156 out of 1 in the Assembly. Vala expressed confidence in the downfall of Congress and highlighted the strength of BJP activists in achieving this. He reminisced about the days when only three workers would visit Chimanbhai’s office, underscoring the essential role of activists.

Strength of BJP Activists and Office Inauguration in Rajkot

Vajubhai Vala reflected on his past as he inaugurated the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat election central office. He emphasized the strength of BJP, citing the days when only three workers would visit Chimanbhai’s office in Rajkot. Vala praised the dedication of BJP activists and encouraged them to continue their hard work for the party and the nation.

Inauguration of Rajkot Lok Sabha Office with Dignitaries Present

The Rajkot Lok Sabha seat election central office was inaugurated with the presence of dignitaries, including former Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala, former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, and other party leaders. The event marked the beginning of election activities in the region, with the participation of former MLAs and district BJP office bearers.

Bharat Boghra’s Diwali Analogy and Election Enthusiasm

Bharat Boghra addressed the workers, stating that BJP had decided to celebrate Diwali three times this year. After two celebrations, the third Diwali is anticipated after winning Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the third time. Despite the candidate, the goal is to send 26 lotuses of Gujarat to Delhi with a significant lead of 5 lakhs.

Vijay Rupani’s Call to Action for Lok Sabha Elections

Former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani urged party workers to start election work immediately, emphasizing the goal of winning candidates on all 26 seats and making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister for the third time. Rupani humorously mentioned the need to resolve to win the candidate with a huge lead, akin to the saying ‘Begani Saadi Mein Abdullah Deewana.’

Mohan Kundarya’s Commitment to Victory and Making Modi Prime Minister Again

MP Mohan Kundarya, elected from Rajkot Lok Sabha seat for two consecutive terms, expressed the importance of activists in leadership. He urged everyone to work together to send any candidate to Delhi with a substantial lead. Kundarya emphasized the target of a 5 lakh lead in Gujarat, vowing to make Modi the Prime Minister for the third time with a significant victory.

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