Fire Ravages Vadodara’s Wealth Square Building: Ground to Sixth Floor Chaos, Woman Injured in First-Floor Escape

In an unfortunate incident at the Wealth Square building on Gotri Road in Vadodara, a fire broke out due to a short circuit, causing panic among the occupants. Each floor of the building was engulfed in flames, leading to a hurried evacuation. During the chaos, a woman fell from an upper floor in her attempt to escape the fire, sustaining injuries. Prompt response teams, including the fire brigade, rushed to the scene, successfully rescuing 15 individuals in a daring rescue operation. 

Simultaneously, efforts were made to control the fire, with a controlled explosion planned to contain the blaze. The fire, originating on the ground floor, escalated up to the sixth floor, adding to the complexity of the situation. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the incident and assess the overall impact on the building’s structural integrity.

Ground to Sixth Floor Chaos

Woman’s Brave Effort to Escape Fire: A Tale of Resilience

In a recent incident on Gotri Road in Vadodara, a woman displayed exceptional courage in attempting to escape a building engulfed in flames. According to eyewitness Nillesh Goswami, the building experienced a wiring issue in the lift shaft, leading to successive fires on each floor. As a result, a thick plume of smoke billowed from the rear of the building. It was observed that the fire extended to the terrace, causing alarm among onlookers.

At this critical juncture, three individuals were spotted on the terrace, one of whom was a woman. They were advised to stay calm, with a rescue team assuring them of assistance. Despite efforts to reassure them, the woman on the terrace became visibly distressed, losing her balance and slipping. As she descended, her foot got entangled, causing a significant injury. Quick to respond, emergency services were promptly called, with the rescue team utilizing a ladder to bring the woman down to safety.

Meanwhile, on another floor, three individuals were successfully rescued, and an additional two individuals were evacuated from the office on the 404th floor. The entire incident underscores the critical role played by swift emergency response and the courage displayed by individuals during such challenging situations.

Successful Rescue Operation: 12-15 Individuals Safely Evacuated from Wealth Square Building

Successful Rescue Operation: 12-15 Individuals Safely Evacuated from Wealth Square Building

Amit Chaudhary, the Fire Officer present at the scene, reported that during the incident, all individuals trapped inside the building were successfully rescued. The building in question, named Wealth Square, comprises seven floors, and the emergency response teams acted swiftly upon receiving the distress call. The fire brigade vehicles arrived promptly at the scene, ensuring a rapid and effective response.

As the fire engulfed the premises, the situation demanded coordinated efforts to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The rescue operation included evacuating individuals from various floors and safely relocating some to the terrace for temporary refuge. The incident underscores the critical role played by emergency response teams in managing crises effectively.

Approximately 12-15 individuals were successfully rescued during the operation, reflecting the efficiency and dedication of the rescue teams. Further investigation into the details of the incident is underway to understand the circumstances surrounding this successful rescue mission.

Nilesh Goswami, Patyaksha Darshi and Amit Chaudhary, Fire Officer

Fire Breaks Out at Wealth Square Building – Immediate Response by Police and Fire Department

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Julia Kothiya, provides further details about the recent incident at Wealth Square Building, stating that a fire broke out due to an electrical panel malfunction. The fire rapidly spread up to the fourth floor of the building. In the midst of the chaos, a woman, alarmed by the fire, attempted to escape and jumped from a height. Fortunately, she sustained only minor injuries.

Upon receiving the emergency call, both the police and the fire department teams promptly arrived at the scene. The situation was quickly assessed, and efforts were initiated to control and extinguish the flames. The incident highlights the importance of swift response and collaboration between emergency services to address such critical situations effectively. Further investigations will be conducted to determine the extent of the damage and the exact cause of the fire.

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