10 Rupees Birth Pattern Scandal Unveiled in Surat: Bogus Birth-Death Certificates Network Nationwide Exposed

Online Birth Certificate Scam Unveiled by Surat Municipal Corporation

The Surat Municipal Corporation has exposed a network involved in creating fake birth certificates through an online website. The network was caught through an investigation by eCOSL, revealing a racket in the creation of fraudulent birth certificates. The team, in an operation near the border of Bihar and Jharkhand, apprehended a youth who had received a laptop and other equipment from the accused.

Recently, the eCOSL team received information about Suresh Yadav, an accused involved in the racket, arriving in Surat. Suresh Yadav had allegedly obtained thousands of fake birth certificates from his laptop. He was apprehended with a laptop, and a large number of bogus birth certificates were seized from him. The accused used 10 fake websites to generate more than 80,000 birth certificates, along with 4,000 Aadhaar cards, 1,500 PAN cards, 800 voter ID cards, and 2,005 death certificates. The investigation further revealed that Chauhan Sureshji Keshaji, residing in Sabarkantha district under the Surat Municipal Corporation, had also obtained a fake birth certificate through eCOSL.

eCOSL Reveals Bogus Birth Certificate Scam, Initiates Verification

The Surat Municipal Corporation discovered that the birth certificates issued by the municipal office seemed authentic at first glance. However, the eCOSL initiated a verification process in the municipal office to confirm the legitimacy of birth certificates. Initially, the East Zone office had not raised any suspicions, but the bogus nature was eventually exposed. When scanning the QR code on the counterfeit birth certificates, a website would open, but it wasn’t the official government e-identification application.

Thousands of Fraudulent Birth Certificates Unearthed

With the assistance of the technical team, it was revealed that these bogus birth certificates were issued through a website, and the process of issuance was investigated. The technical team examined the intricacies of how the fraudulent certificates were created and accessed information about the websites involved. The police investigation identified four different websites responsible for generating fake birth and death certificates. Notably, one of these websites,, had provided a significant number of bogus certificates to various states, including Surat Municipal Corporation and Kachchh Gram Panchayat offices.

eCOSL Exposes Operation of 10 Alleged Websites: Commissioner

Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar revealed that the accused, Chintukumar, a 28-year-old mastermind from Bihar, was found in possession of 1 laptop, 2 mobile phones, 13 JetCards, 1 biometric machine, 1 printer, 5 G-pen scanners, and 1 fake birth certificate. During the interrogation, Chintukumar disclosed his involvement in operating 10 additional websites, such as fastportal.Online. These websites were used to generate over 80,000 fraudulent birth certificates. Moreover, they produced 4,000 Aadhar cards, 1,500 PAN cards, 800 election cards, and 2,005 fake death certificates.

Chintukumar Deposited Money in 8 JetBank Accounts

Chintukumar reportedly deposited Rs. 2,31,941 in eight JetBank accounts, the transactions of which are currently under scrutiny. The accused obtained the source code from AHK Web Solutions to create these websites. Chintukumar claimed that he earned an economic profit of Rs. 10 for each birth certificate created, which he deposited into his Paytm account linked to his savings account.

This revelation sheds light on the scale of the operation and the extent to which the accused exploited digital platforms for fraudulent activities. Authorities are now intensifying their efforts to dismantle such operations and enhance cybersecurity measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Investigation into Other Accused in Fake Birth Certificate Case

The widespread availability of fraudulent birth certificates through the website, coupled with the linking of personal bank accounts for economic gains, poses a serious threat to the security of India. The serious nature of these crimes is underscored by the ongoing investigation into a complex web of fraudulent activities across the country. Presently, one accused has been apprehended in connection with the illegal operation, and the authorities have seized one laptop, two mobile phones, and a biometric machine.

The accused, who exploited the convenience of generating fake birth certificates through the website in exchange for linking their bank accounts, is now facing a rigorous nationwide investigation into the crime. Currently, a total of one arrest has been made, and the seized electronic devices are being thoroughly examined for evidence. The investigation aims to uncover any potential involvement of other accused individuals in this network of fraudulent activities and gather more evidence to strengthen the case.

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