Brahmakumari Ashram Suicide: 3-Page Note Reveals 4 Names, Ends with Warning to ‘Yogiji’ and Mention of Asaram

On Friday night, two sisters committed suicide at the Brahma Kumaris Ashram in Agra. Their lifeless bodies were found hanging from separate nooses in a room, with a distance of 4-5 feet between them. Prior to the tragedy, both sisters had written suicide notes—one with three pages and the other with one page—shared on WhatsApp with members of the Brahma Kumaris group and their family. The incident came to light when family members and organization representatives arrived at the scene, where both sisters had already succumbed to their deaths.

The names of the two sisters who took their lives are Ekatā and Śikhā. Ekatā had been associated with the ashram for 15 years, having taken initiation from there. In the suicide note, she held four staff members, including a woman, accountable for unethical behavior and financial irregularities.

This incident has gained attention at the local police station. Both sisters lived in the same extended residential area of the ashram, approximately 13 km from their home. Another woman, who was not part of the incident, also resided in a different room within the ashram.

The initiation into Brahma Kumaris occurred in 2008. Mahesh Kumar, the ACP of Kheragarh, was informed around midnight that the two sisters had committed suicide. Forensic investigations were conducted at the scene, and a suicide note and a phone were recovered from the room. Important information was gathered, and post-mortem examinations were initiated on the deceased bodies.

8:30 PM – Phone Call with Parents

The two sisters, Ekatā and Śikhā, were part of a larger community of women in the residential area. They had initiated the construction of a new ashram, which was completed a year before the incident. Their brother, Sonu, was informed about the suicide when he reached the scene. Sonu stated that Ekatā and Śikhā had taken initiation from the Brahma Kumaris Ashram in 2008 and had been living separately from their family since then. They had started the construction of the ashram on Basi Road four years before. After its completion, both sisters lived there along with other women.

Friday evenings were routine spiritual sessions at the ashram. Following the session, Ekatā and Śikhā had a normal phone conversation with their parents around 8:30 PM, lasting for about 30-35 minutes. Nothing unusual was reported during the call. Subsequently, both sisters had a usual conversation with familiar people in the neighborhood. However, at 11:05 PM, a suicide note was sent to the brother, Sonu, via WhatsApp. Due to the late hour, the message wasn’t immediately noticed, and shortly afterward, other women from Brahma Kumaris called to inform about the tragic event. The message in the suicide note suggested a connection to some posts on WhatsApp but lacked clarity due to the urgency of the situation.

Title: Suicide Note Raises Questions about Asaram Bapu’s Punishment

In this suicide note, it is written – Those responsible should face a lifelong sentence like Asaram Bapu

The brother Sonu stated that his sister, in her suicide note, addressed Chief Minister Yogi, emphasizing that those responsible should face a punishment similar to Asaram Bapu’s lifelong imprisonment. Shikha, who wrote a suicide note with three pages, had been facing difficulties for a year. Among those responsible for her death are Neeraj Singhal, Tara Chand from Dholpur, and a woman residing in the Gwalior ashram.

Shikha Wrote – Many Sisters Commit Suicide, and These People Hide It

I request that we both have faced trouble together. Papi Neeraj Singhal works in a modern company in Mount Abu. Despite being aware of our situation, he never listened, even though we lived with him for a year. Poonam from Gwalior, Tara Chand’s daughter, and her maternal uncle in Jaipur were also against us. Neeraj had been living with us for 15 years.

The four of us built the center. There is no money near the Yajna to build this center. All the money is ours. Neeraj created false rumors that he built the center.

We trusted him, and he betrayed us. He has 25 lakh rupees from us. He collected money for the inauguration of the center. This poor mother’s money, my father got seven lakh rupees, and he sold the plot and took it. 18 lakh rupees were from poor mothers. Now he refuses to give the money. He speaks lies in front of people that he built the center. He has full support in the center. He bought a flat with our money.

I appeal to my dear brothers Sonveer and Ena Singh to fight for this case for both sisters. You are more than true brothers. Save so much money; consider it as dowry for your sisters. The murderers should get strict punishment. Like Asaram Bapu, they should be kept in jail forever. Many sisters commit suicide in the ashram, but these people hide everything. We have no one. We are left alone; this fool has to bear this burden. Attach this letter to the center. Please don’t misunderstand us.

Shikha Wrote – He Plays With His Sister’s Feelings, Speaks Lies

Today, I apologize to all mothers and brothers whom I know. Whatever has been done, I have done it in compulsion. Neeraj, Tara Chand, Poonam Gwalior, and Guddan are responsible for my death. Guddan is my uncle. People of the world, I am very helpless. Don’t defame me and my sister. I have been in tension for a year now. Now, we are not capable of living. Neeraj told us to stay in the Jagannath Center, and then we built this center. I request Jagdishbhai, don’t let him enter the Yajna. He has given promises to his sister, and then he plays with her feelings, speaking lies, and indulging in activities with her. This center has been built for the education of poor children. Our suicide note should be placed in front of Deedi of the Yajna and Mrityunjay Bhai. I am writing this letter in the last moments of my life.

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