Tragic Mobile Blast in Meerut: 4 Children Dead, Parents Rush to Save, Situation Critical

On Saturday in Meerut, a fire broke out in a house due to a mobile blast. Six people were seriously injured in the accident. Among them, four children lost their lives during treatment at the hospital. Their parents’ condition remains critical. This incident occurred in the Janata Colony area near the Pallavpuram police station.

Tragic Incident Caused by Mobile Explosion

A mobile explosion caused a massive blast, resulting in fire engulfing the entire house. Within moments, the flames spread throughout the rooms, trapping four children. Their parents attempted to rescue them but were also severely injured. No one could escape the raging inferno.

Heartbreaking Loss of Lives in Meerut

According to police reports, the deceased children were Kallu (5 years), Golu (6 years), Niharika (8 years), and Sarika (12 years). While the father is admitted to Joni Medical College, the mother is on a ventilator at AIIMS. Tragically, Niharika and Golu succumbed to their injuries at 2 a.m., followed by Sarika at 4 a.m., and finally Kallu at 10 a.m. Medical efforts were ongoing at all hospitals.

Tragedy Strikes a Family from Muzaffarnagar

A family from Muzaffarnagar, residing in Meerut’s Janata Colony on rent, was affected. The wife, Babita, and four children lived in Pappu’s house, who is a laborer. They were celebrating Holi on Saturday when the fire broke out due to a short circuit in the charger, causing the mobile to explode.

Community Efforts to Save Lives

As soon as the neighbors heard the explosion, they rushed to help. The police were informed promptly, and they arrived at the scene to find severely injured children and their parents. Even household belongings were severely damaged due to the fire outbreak.

Neighbors Respond to the Tragedy

People in the neighborhood tried to control the fire and save the children by breaking the windows. But the flames and the children’s screams sent shockwaves, prompting immediate action from us and Babita towards the room. Despite our efforts, the children were badly burnt. Hearing the cries, neighbors rushed to the scene.

Devastating Loss and Community Response

The children suffered approximately 70% burns, while their parents sustained about 50% burns, according to doctors. Efforts to control the fire were made, but unfortunately, the tragedy left deep scars on the affected family and the community.

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