BJP’s ‘EXIT’ Poll: Party Workers Disapprove, I Am Distressed and Saddened – Ranjanben Bhatt

She made history by clinching a staggering 8.83 lakh votes in Vadodara, a stronghold for the party, and won by an impressive margin of 5.89 lakh votes. However, amidst his triumphant streak, controversies emerged, including allegations from Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, the then National Vice-President of BJP Mahila Morcha, and the resignation of MLA Ketan Inamdar, alongside sporadic attacks. 

Consequently, She abruptly halted his candidacy merely ten days post the announcement of his nomination. When questioned about the sudden withdrawal, she attributed it to the misinformation propagated by his adversaries. 

This decision has sparked inquiries into the BJP Modi Mandal’s constraints, particularly regarding their inability to thwart defections to the party. Ranjanben Bhatt’s perspective on this matter remains crucial in unraveling the complexities at play.

Question: What are the reasons behind not contesting the election despite having valid reasons?

Answer: While the party had given me the ticket, the atmosphere in Vadodara has deteriorated over the past 10 days. Unfounded accusations have been leveled against me. I have been saddened by this. To prevent further tarnishing of both the party’s and Vadodara’s reputation, I have decided not to contest the election. The people who are protesting and those who are behind it know the truth well.

Question: Foreign criticism, including allegations, is also a reason?

Answer: No, allegations have been made regarding the son’s wealth in Australia, but there is no truth to these allegations. They are baseless. My own reputation is at stake.

Question: Did you discuss with central, state, or Vadodara leadership before posting?

Answer: Bharatbhai Shah had come home. He was going to visit Mahudi. I told him I wouldn’t contest. I am writing on social media. I feel I shouldn’t contest. I made this decision this morning (Saturday).

Question: Have you received any calls from the party? Is there anything substantial in conversation with someone?

Answer: No call has come so far (until 1:10 PM). I have confirmed with myself that the party will accept my decision.

Question: Your opponents have always been there, your nature is combative, what has happened this time that you retreated?

Answer: I have never backed down in my life. I am a strong woman, but the environment created after the party gave me the ticket, I recognize two-three people in that. Vadodara should not be defamed, the party should not be defamed. Even though I have not done anything wrong in my life, even if it happens, I feel I should leave.

Question: Who are these two-three individuals? Are they from BJP?

Answer: I don’t ask for anyone’s name, but in the last 10 days, we are all sad. What do you think, Congress has also put up banners?

Question: If you had contested, how much margin would you have won by?

Answer: Our workers’ target was to win by 10 lakhs. We would have given the highest lead to Vadodara Lok Sabha. This target was ours, and with the help of 7 assembly members, with the booth-level workers’ meeting, workers started working in this direction. So our target is the same.

Question: People think that since Modi ji won from here before, there were many expectations from you. Do you feel you failed to fulfill those expectations?

Answer: I can proudly say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has developed the country, and he has also worked for Vadodara. Vadodara got the status of the country’s first number university. International airport, immigration permission, Shadeepur satellite railway station was built in Vadodara. Tata Airbus is coming to Vadodara. The project of bullet train’s training center is being built in Vadodara. The traffic problem of Dhumad has been solved, the black spot on the highway has been removed. Vadodara has received many facilities, and as a worker of Vadodara BJP, I also contributed equally.

Question: Is this decision retirement or resignation from politics?

Answer: No.. No.. No.. No.. No.. I will continue to work as a worker of the Bharatiya Janata Party and my goal is to develop Bharat by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolution.

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