Real-Life Murder Mystery: Young Man Fakes Death, Evades 8 Million Debt, Hides in Ahmedabad for 17 Years, Finally Arrested

The Ahmedabad Crime Branch has arrested a suspect who is believed to be involved in a case dating back to 2006 in Agra, where a monk was murdered, and a significant amount of money was looted. The suspect had allegedly committed the murder and a robbery in Manoharnagar, Nikol, Ahmedabad, under the name of Rajkumar Vijaykumar Chaudhary, where he had been residing. However, the crime branch has found that all the documents related to Rajkumar Chaudhary, including his name, are fabricated, and they have been able to establish his real identity as Anilsinh Vijaypalsinh Chaudhary. The suspect had a history of being involved in a murder case, as he was accused of killing a monk and looting a large sum of money in Agra.

It’s worth noting that the Ahmedabad Crime Branch’s investigation revealed that all the documents provided by the suspect, which included various documents in the name of Rajkumar Chaudhary, were found to be fraudulent. The case regarding the murder in Agra was reopened by the crime branch, even though the Agra police had previously only conducted a casual investigation, considering it an accidental death. This breakthrough has enabled the crime branch to charge the suspect with the murder that took place in Agra 17 years ago.

Anilsinh, also known as Rajkumar, was found to be in possession of a 20 lakh rupee insurance policy, which had been taken out in the name of a fictitious person named Rajkumar Chaudhary. He had managed to get this insurance policy by using fraudulent documents, as all the documents related to Rajkumar Chaudhary were found to be fake. In this case, the insurance policy was associated with Anilsinh’s name, but the documents were manipulated to indicate the accidental death of the policyholder, which would result in a payout of 80 lakh rupees.

Moreover, the investigation revealed that Anilsinh had also been involved in the murder of a monk back in 2004. He, along with his brother and a friend, allegedly orchestrated the murder to claim the insurance money. To do this, Anilsinh had insured the life of the monk using a fake name, and they subsequently set fire to a car to stage the monk’s death as an accident. However, it was later discovered that the deceased individual was not Anilsinh but the monk himself. Despite this revelation, the family and community had held a public funeral for Anilsinh to claim the 80 lakh rupees from the insurance policy.

It is essential to note that the Crime Branch in Ahmedabad has obtained crucial information that Anilsinh, alias Rajkumar, has been living in Ahmedabad for the past 17 years. The investigation has uncovered details about the creation of fraudulent documents and who was involved in their creation. Moreover, the Crime Branch has initiated an inquiry into the murder that occurred in Agra, involving Anilsinh, his father Vijaypalsinh, and others who were mentioned in the documents to unveil more information and bring them to justice.

Anilsinh had managed to evade authorities for an extended period and was even living in Ahmedabad while keeping his true identity hidden from his wife and children. It’s significant to see how new details have emerged after the police investigation in Agra and the recording of Anilsinh’s involvement in the murder.

This case highlights the importance of thorough investigations and the cooperation between different police departments to uncover criminal activities and bring those responsible to justice.

Niyati Rao

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