Massive Fire Breaks Out in Bopal’s TRP Mall: Children’s Gaming Zone Engulfed, Controlled After Two Hours of Intense Efforts

A fierce fire broke out in Ahmedabad’s Bopal at the TRP Mall, starting in the children’s gaming zone situated on the fifth floor. The fire quickly spread from the fifth floor to the third floor, assuming a menacing form of billowing smoke visible up to a kilometer away. 

As the flames raged, crowds gathered on the other side of the road to witness the spectacle. Fortunately, prompt action ensured the safe evacuation of all individuals from the mall premises. Over ten fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene to gain control over the inferno, which was eventually brought under control after two hours of arduous efforts.

Fire Strikes Children's Gaming Zone in TRP Mall, Bopal

Fire Strikes Children’s Gaming Zone in TRP Mall, Bopal

Located in the central court of Bopal’s TRP Mall, the Sky Trampoline gaming zone was a popular attraction for children. Unfortunately, it was the epicenter of the recent fire outbreak. The fire quickly engulfed the entire floor where the gaming zone was situated. 

Gradually, the flames spread to the fourth and then the third floor. Fortunately, the penthouses showroom managed to escape the blaze. Prompt action from nearby petrol pump personnel helped contain the fire before it could cause further damage.

Fire incident at TRP Mall

Everyone Safely Evacuated

All individuals present in the mall were safely evacuated, and the theater section, although unaffected by the fire, was immediately cleared as a safety precaution. Alerts were sent out via phone calls to the guests in the mall, prompting the evacuation of over a hundred guests from the premises. 

Additionally, a rescue operation was carried out from Hotel Maple and two hospitals to safely remove several individuals from the premises.

Fire Brigade Officials on Site

Due to the fire in the mall, crowds of people were evacuated in panic. As soon as the fire was reported, more than 10 fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene. Along with them, senior officials from the fire department, along with firefighters, arrived at the site promptly. Immediate efforts were initiated to gain control over the fire. 

However, due to the crowded conditions, it posed challenges for the fire brigade team to arrive and work efficiently. Despite the significant delay of two hours, they managed to bring the fire under control. Additionally, four ambulances were also dispatched to the site.

Public Gather

Fire Breaks Out Due to Short Circuit in Gaming Zone

It appears that the fire in the gaming zone of the mall was caused by a short circuit. The fire erupted due to a short circuit in the rubber components present in the gaming zone. 

The fire rapidly escalated and spread to other sections. It is noteworthy that the fire broke out after 10:30 PM. Fortunately, since the gaming zone was closed at 10:00 PM, there were no casualties reported in the incident.

Fire Spreads from Fifth to Third Floor

Fire Spreads from Fifth to Third Floor

Eyewitness Parthav Kheradiya stated that the fire originated in the Sky Trampoline area. Subsequently, the fire spread from the fifth to the fourth floor and then to the third floor. Fire brigade teams arrived at the scene up to the third floor. 

They systematically executed their plans to gain control over the fire. Eventually, they successfully extinguished the fire in the mall.

In response to the incident, Bopal’s PI mentioned that there were no casualties reported. The gaming zone was closed at 10:00 PM.

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