Nighttime Flat Fire in Ahmedabad: 200 People Escape to Rooftop, 9 Cars Burnt, 41 Vehicles Damaged, Full Rescue Effort

In a dramatic turn of events, a fire broke out late at night in the parking area of Metro Mansion flats near Mastan Masjid in the Fatewadi area of Ahmedabad. The fire ignited swiftly, sending residents of the flats into a frenzy, with panic and chaos reigning supreme. As many as 39 two-wheelers and 3 rickshaws were engulfed in flames, adding to the intensity of the situation. Scores of people scrambled to safety as the fire continued to spread rapidly. 

Upon receiving the alert, a team of 9 fire brigade vehicles rushed to the scene. The brave firefighters successfully rescued around 200 individuals stranded in the perilous situation, ensuring their safe evacuation from the premises.

Midnight Blaze Engulfs Parking Lot

Midnight Blaze Engulfs Parking Lot near Mastan Masjid in Ahmedabad

According to available information, around 3:30 AM last night, the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade received a distress call regarding a severe fire outbreak in the parking area of Metro Mansion flats near Mastan Masjid in the Fatewadi area. Chief Fire Officers, along with Additional Chief Fire Officers and Deputy Officers, rushed to the scene with a new team of firefighters. 

Upon their arrival, the fire had already taken a formidable shape, engulfing two-wheelers and rickshaws parked in the lot. The firefighting team immediately initiated efforts to contain the blaze, employing water jets to wrestle control over the raging flames.

Due to the fire there was chaos among the people.

Dramatic Rescue Operation: Locals Evacuated from High Perches During Fire Outbreak

Amidst the chaos of a raging fire, a palpable sense of panic gripped the local residents, from young children to the elderly and infirm, as the blaze spread rapidly. The intensity of the situation escalated as the smoke billowed to neighboring areas. In a bid to save their lives, people rushed to higher ground, seeking refuge on rooftops. 

The atmosphere was fraught with fear as locals scrambled for safety. Upon the arrival of the fire brigade officials, the gravity of the situation became apparent, prompting them to urge the people to remain calm. Firefighters swiftly initiated their rescue operation, ascending to the rooftops and systematically bringing down individuals to safety. Ten people were rescued with the assistance of the fire brigade’s ladder truck.

The firemen extinguished the fire by using water cannons for two hours.

Fire Brigade’s Swift Response After Midnight Inferno

Deputy Fire Officer Inayat Sheikh disclosed that a fire broke out in the Metro Mansion flats. Everyone was safely evacuated from the rooftops by the fire brigade’s personnel. Following a severe two-hour ordeal, the fire was eventually brought under control. Approximately 50 vehicles were also rescued. 

According to local residents, several antisocial elements were present in the parking lot, from where they were chased away by the flat residents, prompting them to retaliate with threats. Police and FSL teams have been called in to assist in the matter.

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