ISIS Releases Video of Moscow Attack: Terrorists Caught Firing, Ground Strewn with Bodies; Russian TV Interviews Witnesses Live

The terrorist organization ISIS has unveiled a video showcasing a heinous attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The footage, recorded on cameras embedded in the attackers’ garments, captures the chilling moments of the assault. Lasting for 90 seconds, the video obscures the faces of the assailants to conceal their identities.

The video reveals one attacker ordering another to carry out the assault at a specific location, where people had taken cover to protect themselves. The scene is haunting, with bodies strewn across the ground, accompanied by smoke and debris. 

This attack, which occurred on the night of March 22, resulted in the tragic loss of 133 lives, a revision from the previously reported figure of 143 casualties. Russian authorities have initiated inquiries into the perpetrators of this heinous act, as revealed in interviews aired on Russian television channels.

The Russian media house RT showed these videos of the interrogation of the suspects on TV.

Suspected Terrorist Admits Guilt: Russian Media House Unveils Videos

Russian media house RT has shared two videos, both featuring interrogations of suspected individuals linked to alarming incidents. These suspects, seen with their hands restrained, are being questioned about their involvement. 

This footage belongs to the accused in the terrorist attack in Russia on the night of March 22, who told the entire planning. The security services of Russia are taking him away.

One viral video captures a suspected terrorist confessing to his crimes, revealing detailed plans. Allegedly, the suspects had devised a scheme wherein they planned to execute attacks and flee towards Ukraine. Additionally, photographs of the three suspects have also been made public.

Putin States: Terrorists Have Fled to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Saturday evening that the terrorists involved in the recent attacks have fled to Ukraine. He emphasized that they will be apprehended and subjected to severe punishment. 

Putin declared a national mourning today, March 24th. Simultaneously, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has accused Putin of attempting to blame Ukraine for the attacks that occurred at the concert hall.

Crocus City Hall

US Affirms: Ukraine Not Involved in Terrorist Attack

The United States has stated that Ukraine is not involved in the recent terrorist attack. The White House confirmed on Saturday night that there is no evidence linking Ukraine to the attack. ISIS is held responsible for the incident, which targeted innocent civilians. 

According to reports from The New York Times, on March 7th, the US Embassy in Russia issued a significant warning regarding potential large-scale attacks. The embassy reported that extremists were planning an assault on a music concert in Moscow. Furthermore, Putin criticized the US Embassy for its warning about the attack.

People are paying their respects to those killed in the attack by lighting candles and laying flowers near Crocus City Hall.

Terrorists Concealed Weapons in the Hall

Russia has apprehended 11 individuals, including 4 terrorists and 7 others suspected of aiding them, in preparation for the attack. According to reports from RT India, Russia’s security service chief informed Russian President Vladimir Putin that four suspicious individuals attempted to flee in a white car. They were captured near the Russia-Ukraine border.

As per the reports from Russian media house RT, investigating agencies have revealed that the terrorist attack was meticulously planned. The attackers had concealed weapons in the hall near Crocus City. Investigations are currently underway.

Hearing the sound of firing, there was confusion among the people present in the hall.

Terror Strikes During a Rock Band Concert

Amidst a rock band concert in progress, four terrorists clad in military uniforms initiated a chaotic attack, firing indiscriminately, throwing bombs, and fleeing the scene. The number of terrorists was previously reported as five.

The investigation team recovered several arms and cartridges from Crocus City Hall.

Simultaneously, Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin was informed that the attack occurred during a famous Russian rock band’s picnic concert. The terrorists, armed with automatic weapons, reached the building’s entry gate and began firing.

Eyewitness accounts revealed that the attackers wore masks and carried a variety of weapons. They barricaded the main entrances and indiscriminately shot at nearby civilians.

ISIS Conducted the Attack on Russia for What Reason?

The attack was carried out by the ISIS Khorasan wing, also known as ISIS-K. The name ISIS-K refers to the region encompassing northeastern Iran, southern Turkmenistan, and northern Afghanistan. 

This organization became active in eastern Afghanistan in 2014 and subsequently expanded its operations to Syria, joining various jihadist groups. ISIS-K opposes Putin and his propaganda, accusing his government of repression and atrocities against Muslims, similar to the abuses carried out by Russia during the Soviet era in Afghanistan. 

Putin became Russia’s president for the fifth time on March 18. The major terrorist attack occurred five days later. Putin has not made any statements regarding the attack.

Terrorists can be seen firing in this viral footage on social media

Crocus City Hall: A Premier Music Venue

Constructed in 2009 in Krasnogorsk, Crocus City Hall boasts three distinct auditoriums. One of these auditoriums can accommodate up to 7,000 people, while the others have a capacity of over 4,000 each. 

Additionally, the venue includes a theater capable of seating 3,000 individuals. Notably, Crocus City Hall hosted the Miss Universe competition in 2013. Situated in the Moscow region, it stands as one of the largest and most popular music venues in the area.

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