First-Ever Election Commission Decision: 11 IPS Officers to Transfer in Gujarat – ECI Presents 3 Options, Decision Wednesday

In a notable departure from past practices, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has mandated the replacement of IPS officers in Gujarat ahead of the state elections, marking a significant move in electoral management. The decision to replace these officers comes as a result of various undisclosed reasons, compelling the ECI to intervene and ensure the impartiality and efficiency of the electoral process. 

The enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct in the state from March 15th or 16th further necessitated these changes, highlighting the ECI’s commitment to upholding electoral integrity. Initially slated for replacement before January 15th, the process was delayed, with subsequent changes scheduled until January 31st, although not all replacements were implemented. 

Following routine procedures, the ECI team met with representatives from each state, including Gujarat, to assess the roles and responsibilities of key officials in the electoral process, emphasizing the importance of adherence to various criteria. The ECI’s insistence on expedited replacements underscores its dedication to ensuring the smooth conduct of elections, despite initial government resistance to the changes.

Promotion Pending for 25 Senior Officers

Several crucial positions in significant districts of the state, including Surat Range, Surat City, Ahmedabad District, Anand District, and Mehsana District, have remained vacant for an extended period. Additionally, promotions for around 25 senior officers are still pending. 

This situation arose because the government had planned to transfer more than 40 officials before the announcement of elections. Had these transfers been executed on time, such questions wouldn’t have surfaced. 

Although the Election Commission of India (ECI) holds authority in matters like these, the government hasn’t adhered to its directives through administrative channels.

Posting Positions to Be Finalized by Wednesday

With the implementation of the election code of conduct, all powers now lie with the Election Commission of India (ECI). By Tuesday, the Chief Minister and Home Minister will provide three options for the postings of IPS officers

From these three options, the ECI will confirm which officer will be posted where. Currently, the Home Minister is abroad, so upon their return, the list will be prepared and sent to Delhi for submission to the ECI. The file regarding the posting of officers will be finalized by Wednesday.

Waiting for Posting: 11 IPS Officers

  1. Sharad Singhal
  2. Imtiaz Shaikh
  3. Rupal Solanki
  4. Bharti Pandya
  5. J. R. Mothlia
  6. Premveer Singh
  7. Chirag Kordia
  8. Chaitanya Mandlik
  9. Manish Singh
  10. Usha Rada
  11. Lavina Sinha

24 IPS Officers from Gujarat to Serve as Observers for 48 Parliamentary Constituencies

Out of the total of 2200 observers selected from across the country for the Lok Sabha elections being held in 28 states and 8 Union territories, Gujarat will contribute 24 IPS officers who will be responsible for the law and order and overall management in their assigned constituencies.

In a move aimed at ensuring transparency in the election process, the Election Commission has deployed these officers for observer duties. A meeting for their deployment was held in Delhi a few days prior to the elections.

To maintain transparency during the election process, the Election Commission has chosen various observers for different aspects of the elections, including legal matters, expenditure monitoring, etc. Alongside IPS officers, officers from the IAS and IFS cadres have also been appointed for these roles.

Selection of IPS and IAS Officers from Gujarat as Observers in Other States

It is noteworthy that Amit Vishwakarma and Usha Rada from Gujarat have been ordered by the Election Commission to be appointed as observers in Tamil Nadu for the first phase of the selection process out of the 24 selected officers. In the coming days, the remaining 22 officers will also be assigned by the selection panel to serve as observers in various states or union territories. 

It is noteworthy that while officers from Gujarat will be observers in other states, officers from other states may also be appointed as observers in Gujarat. Sources have indicated that Gujarat has been selected for the first time to provide such a large number of IPS officers as observers.

Responsibilities of an Observer

When observers are deployed from other states to oversee the election process, their responsibility lies in ensuring complete transparency of the election process. At that time, the responsibility of part of this process falls on the Election Commission-appointed Static Surveillance Team (SST) and Flying Surveillance Team (FST) for monitoring the candidate’s expenses and supervising Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), ensuring the proper sealing of machines and transporting them to the strong room until distribution. 

Additionally, the responsibility of preventing bogus voting through military force deployment lies with the observer, who is also responsible for assessing the situation and contingencies.

Selection of Officers

From the list provided, the following officers were selected:

  1. Shweta Shrimali
  2. Nirlipta Rai
  3. Saroj Kumari
  4. RV Chudasama
  5. RT mother-in-law
  6. Sudha Pandey
  7. Sujata Majmudar
  8. Balaram Meena
  9. AM Munia
  10. Manish Singh
  11. Usha Rada
  12. Mayur Patil
  13. Sanjay Kharat
  14. Dharmendra Sharma
  15. S.R. Odedara
  16. Vishwala Kumar Vaghela
  17. Dr. Prafulla Roshan
  18. Khurshid Ahmed
  19. Amit Vishwakarma
  20. Bipin Ahire
  21. P.L. Mal
  22. A.G. Chauhan
  23. Makarand Chauhan
  24. PV Rathore.

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