Quickly Book Unreserved Tickets: ATVM Machines and UTS App Launched at Rajkot Railway Stations – Payment Process Explained

The Rajkot Division of Railways has introduced a new experiment to enhance passenger facilities, wherein the use of the UTS app and Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM) has been initiated at various stations under the Rajkot division. This facility allows passengers to obtain unreserved tickets without having to stand in line, and tickets are obtained within just 180 seconds. Despite being introduced a year ago, awareness among passengers about this facility was low, prompting railway authorities to make efforts to raise awareness among the public. Additionally, passengers can now book unreserved (general) tickets from any station to any station through the UTS app.

Benefits of AVTM

By visiting the station, passengers can book their tickets using the available Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVM). Facilities for journey, season, and platform tickets are available. Payment options include UPI QR code and railway smart card. Get a 3% bonus amount on railway smart card recharge. No hassle of standing in lines for ticketing. Time and money are saved. There are no issues with change in this process. This facility is indeed very beneficial.

Testimony to the Excellence of the Facility

Rakeshbhai, expressed that this facility is indeed excellent, and most people should take advantage of it because tickets are obtained instantly from these machines, and there is no need to stand in line. Due to the quick process, there is no possibility of missing the train. I often travel from Rajkot to Surendranagar and have obtained tickets, which took less than five minutes. Sometimes when I have to come to Rajkot station, I wasn’t aware of this facility, but now after today’s explanation, I understand.

R-Wallet Recharge Bonus 3%

Following that, the railway network has also introduced the UTS APP (UTS APP), through which tickets can be booked on a mobile phone while staying at home or within 20 KM of the station. This app provides facilities for journey, season, and platform tickets. Payment options include UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and R-Wallet, with a bonus of 3% extra on R-Wallet recharge. This feature is environmentally beneficial due to paperless tickets.

More Time Required for Awareness

It is noteworthy that ATVM facilities are available at stations in the Rajkot division, including Okha, Dwarka, Jamnagar, Hapa, Rajkot, Bhaktinagar, Wankaner, and Surendranagar. It is to be noted that passengers are not charged extra for booking tickets through railway ATVM and UTS app. Passengers can also receive printed tickets booked online through the machine, and anyone familiar with Hindi, Gujarati, and English languages can easily use it. With this, efforts towards public awareness by the railway network have increased after more than a year, indicating significant progress.

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