Vadodara: Suspected Incest Leads to Gruesome Murder of Girl Found in Drain

A shocking incident has been uncovered in Karkhadi village of Padra taluk, Vadodara district. The husband allegedly murdered his wife, bound her hands, and disposed of her body in a drain leading to Talwadi of Bawa Palni, located on the outskirts of the village. The couple had reportedly entered into a marital agreement, but suspicions arose when the husband was suspected of having an extramarital affair. Police investigations have revealed that he is suspected of committing the murder.

As per the information provided by police officials, the head of the police department received a report regarding the discovery of the body of a 35-year-old woman in a chemical water drain flowing into the Talavadi of Bawa Pal, situated in a ravine on the outskirts of Karkhadi village in Padra taluka. The In-charge of Vadu Police Station, P.I. C.K. Ninama, promptly proceeded to the location with the police staff. Additionally, Deputy Police Officer L.B. Tadvi also arrived at the scene.

After identifying the woman, the police extracted the body with the assistance of local residents. The deceased woman’s hands were bound with cloth, and she was partially unclothed. Following the removal of the body from the drain, the initial investigation conducted by the police revealed that the woman was Dakshabehan alias Tini Natubhai Solanki (Rohit), aged 41, a resident of Vankarwas in Karkhadi village.

Dakshabehan, also known as Tini Solanki, was murdered by her husband, Natu Hirabhai Solanki, using a sharp weapon late at night. Her hands were tied, and the body was disposed of by throwing it into the drain of chemical water flowing in Bawa’s Palni Talwadi, located in a ravine on the outskirts of the village.

Deputy Police Officer in charge L.B. Tadvi informed that the deceased, Dakshabehan, also known as Tini Solanki, was murdered by her husband, Natu Haribhai Solanki, who then disposed of the body. During interrogation, the husband alleged that the wife was involved in an extramarital affair, which led him to commit the crime. Dakshabehan, alias Tina, who was the victim, was divorced and had been residing with Natu Haribhai Solanki since 2014. There were ongoing disputes between the couple.

Following the altercation, the husband, driven by distress, inflicted multiple stab wounds on various parts of the victim’s body using a sharp weapon, resulting in her demise. Subsequently, in an attempt to eliminate evidence, he bound both of the wife’s hands with a blue cloth before discarding her body into the drain. A murder case has been filed against the husband in the Vadu police station, and ongoing investigations are underway.

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