Tragic Accident on Highway: Ambulance Collides with Truck, Resulting in 3 Fatalities

A tragic incident has occurred on the Chotila-Rajkot highway involving an ambulance and a truck collision. This accident has claimed the lives of three individuals, including the ambulance driver. 

According to available information, the ambulance, en route from Chotila to Rajkot, collided with a truck in the vicinity of Apagiga late last night. The impact of the collision resulted in fatal injuries to the occupants of the ambulance, including the driver and his two companions, a son and a daughter.

Patient's Condition Deteriorates at Chotila Hospital

Patient’s Condition Deteriorates at Chotila Hospital

According to recent information, Kajalben Hareshbhai Makwana (approximately 35 years old), a resident of Rajpara village in the Chotila taluka, along with her 18-year-old daughter and son, sought medical attention at Chotila Referral Hospital last night around 10:30 PM. While they reside in Rajkot, they have also been called to Chotila for treatment. 

However, during their stay and treatment at Chotila Referral Hospital, the patient’s condition worsened, prompting doctors to advise transferring her to Rajkot Hospital for further medical care due to increasing discomfort.

Transfer to Rajkot: Private Ambulance for Patient Transport

At that time, a government ambulance was unavailable to transport the patient to Rajkot, prompting the arrangement of a private ambulance for the journey. 

Kajalben Hareshbhai Makwana (approximately 35 years old, residing in Rajpara) along with her daughter Payal Hareshbhai Makwana (approximately 18 years old, also from Rajpara), and their relatives, including her son, departed for Rajkot in a private ambulance.

Vijay Bavaliya (Ambulance Driver)

Tragic Encounter Before Reaching Rajkot

Before reaching Rajkot, a heartbreaking incident occurred as the ambulance headed from Chotila towards Rajkot. Near Aapagiga, an adjacent area to Chotila, the ambulance collided head-on with a truck. Local authorities informed 108 emergency services, and as per their obligation, all patients were redirected to Chotila Referral Hospital. 

Tragically, Gitaben Jayeshbhai Miyatra was declared deceased during this incident. Additionally, Payal Hareshbhai Makwana and the ambulance driver, Vijay Jivabhai Bavaliya (approximately 40 years old, from Chotila), were transferred to Rajkot via 108 services. Unfortunately, both individuals succumbed to their injuries before reaching Rajkot.

Payalben Makwana

Names of the Deceased:

  • Vijay Bavaliya (Ambulance Driver)
  • Payalben Makwana
  • Gitaben Miyatra
Gitaben Miyatra

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